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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Powers #13

New story arc (always welcome w/ Powers IMO).

Super powers are still illegal, but society is starting to accept the need for super-powered "good guys" again (once they realized that making powers illegal really only stopped the altruists, since the villians could give an f about the whole legality issue).

IA begins its investigation of Deena (who has recently acquired some powers herself) and meanwhile, a mysterious figure blasts down from the sky and completely shits on a poor guys day (see the image below) as he chases his dog down the street (dog ends up ok though).

Essentially we have setup for the new case AND the side-story of Deena's IA investigation... So not a whole lot actually "happens" in this issue. No worries though - these types of issues are required every now and again so i minds not. Bendis and Oeming have me totally hooked on Powers - until they stop putting it out pretty much :) B.

PS - It's not that i need cursing, gore or nudity in my comics so don't get me wrong - but it's refreshing to read a no-holds-barred "mature" title every once in a while. Got to imagine it's a bit freeing for Bendis too... Hope they never lose that w/ Powers. Kind of the diff between R and PG-13 if you get what i'm saying?

It was all over when...

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