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Friday, October 28, 2005

Stephen King and Marvel

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWesterns and/or Samurais just seem to be all the rage for me lately...

Believe it or not (since everyone else seems to have) i've never read Stephen King's Dark Tower series but a comic iteration might be just what i've needed ;)

We've got to wait until April of next year to get our hands on this but from the art alone in the preview pages i can tell this might be right up Zilla's alley (that sounds bad this morning for some reason).

Check out Jae Lee's preview pages and read a bit of light (very light) info over at Newsarama.

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31 October, 2005 11:50, Blogger Ryan X said...

This looks awesome! I am on the 4th volume of DT (Wizard and Glass) and am loving every word of it. It should translate beautifully to comics since the imagery is very cool throughout the series. Looking forward to this one for sure. I can't plug the DT series enough (of course I have been reading King since I was 12 years old).

31 October, 2005 15:29, Blogger zilla said...

yeah ryan i've been wanting to read this series for like 100 years but never got around to it... should i finally break down and pick up the first volume?


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