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Monday, October 31, 2005

Surrogates #2

Another one of my current favorites is a little-hyped title (except around here) called Surrogates (sure you've heard of it but have you read it?).

#2 finally dropped and i'm even more impressed w/ Venditti and Weldele's work now than i was after the first issue. Together they've done an excellent job setting the tone for this book - it's dark, ominous in parts, and downright entertaining for anyone the least bit interested in Blade Runner reminicient crime drama comics (especially "noir" styled stuff even though i friggin' hate that word).

The pacing of the story is near perfect and the dialogue sharp, meaningful (usually) and witty (often). I don't think these issues are any longer than any other comics i'm reading, but they just feel longer you know?

Only thing missing here is a bit more of a serious threat (through #2 only "surrogates" are being killed, not real people (their owners/operators for example). On second thought though, i'm not sure Venditti is as concerned w/ the actual crimes at the center of the story as he is w/ exploring this world he's created where everyone lives vicariously via a "Surrie".

Regardless the concept is a real mind-F; this is one of those comics you set down and then find yourself thinking about when you're in the shower, on the can, about to pass out for the night, or otherwise of wandering thought ;) The opportunities for good story telling in this post-modern world are literally limitless. There's just not enough paper in 5 issues to satisfy all i want to read about it...

Weldele's sketch noir art is uber-cool and works perfectly for this genre. Throw in some sharp, water-color-esque inking and Surrogates has got a look and feel that's pretty original (to my world at least).

Top it all w/ some memorable characters (our lead detective Lt. Greer and his very down-to-earth problems away from the case, Zaire Powell the "Prophet", and the be-goggled aerialist Surrie-killer suspect), and you've got one of the last ingredients required.

Surrogates will make one hell of a mini (and hopefully get even more play after that). I def can't wait for #3, one of my current favs. A.

PS This is one hell of a rambling review but i'm trying to dip from work for the day so just tap-tapping fast and furious... Sorry but... Thanks!

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