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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thor: Blood Oath #2

This new Thor mini is moving along nicely (at least through the second issue). I've always been a fan of Oeming's art and I'm growing to admire his writing more and more. The guy is a real talent all around it seems (I'm in the process of hunting down some of his older works like Hammer of the Gods)...

First note: There is a huge 2-page Honda Civic add in this issue. First I've seen of "mainstream" advertising in comic books (that I can remember at least). Is this a sign??

Thor and the Warriors Three set off on their life-saving treasure hunt and face their first obstacle - a giant eagle, Lerad, who nests at the top of the mythical life-tree ("Yggdrasil" - how in the hell you pronounce something like that I have no idea). How I the hell Volstagg is able to climb this tree w/ his fellows (considering his massive girth) is unimaginable - but I guess written off to his unnatural abilities as an Asgardian ;)

Lerad (the giant eagle) guards the first treasure our heroes must bag - giant, enchanted red apples! This bird cannot be bested in straight combat however (especially since Thor has sworn not to use his hammer as a weapon throughout the quest); so how then?

An old friend (who happens to be a talking squirrel) let's them in on Lerad's weakness for riddle and challenge (the most common historical weakness for about 50% of mythical people/creatures it seems). The fattest of the fat (Volstagg of the Warriors Three) challenges Lerad to a wine guzzling contest - and you just know this guy can pound. Volstagg and Lerad get thoroughly trashed (with ultimately no clear winner) and the rest of the companions seize the moment to lift one of the apples and take off running.

A narrow escape later and it's on to the second required item - Dionysis' fabled pig that can turn water into wine (yeah a pig that can turn water into wine). Only one problem; the pig has been "borrowed" by none other than the legendary Hercules.

Issue #3 = going to be good.

Overall a good, Thor-ish story, GREAT artwork. B+.

It was all over when...

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