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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ultimate X-Men #64

I have a renewed interest in Ultimate X-Men all of a sudden. Could have something to do with the last week announcement that Kirkman will be writing for the title indefinitely starting here soon? Ah yes. Vaughn's not too shabby w/ the current run either - so i guess i can't really complain.

2 mins: Polaris is still locked up in the Triskellion w/ Magneto, her boyfriend Havoc is pretty pissed about it and dead set on a dramatic rescue. The Ultimates (whom i love) are not about to let a bunch of "kids" break into their crib so they greet them at the gates (leaving the entire place unattended except by a few canon-fodder guards for some reason??). Forge and Mystique use their absense to break in and... Ah well it's predictable... free Magneto? Seems the Triskellion's defenses are a bit shade for the greatest super-powered prison in all the land. Vaughn lost me w/ that but... I'm still buying. C+.

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