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Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Walking Dead #22

Damn if feels like its been months since the last issue of TWD came out (even though it's been hardly that long). Anticipation's not always a bad thing though (as painful as it is) and i heard Kirkman is going to dump the next few TWDs on us in short order to make up for it...

Anyways, #22 is jam-packed w/ more its-the-end-of-the-world-and-we're-trapped-in-an-abandoned-prison drama and Kirkman finds yet another way to greivously injure and/or kill one of his characters (this one about rounds out the ways to die catalogue). I can't bring myself to give away who, or why (since that would give away the who) but you could almost see this one coming considering the sneakiness between Ty and Michonne in #21.

What else? Tyreese and Rick get into the all-out brawl that we've been wanting to see for about the last 10 issues (even though they are buds at heart), Lori's pregnancy continues (can't wait to see if there's something behind a child behing born during this mess... and is the kid even Rick's??), Herschel gives his blessing to his daugther to continue bumping uglies w/ Glenn, and the big crazy white guy ex-con waxes philosophical about the Zombies watching them through the fences (this part was actually one of the best in the issue and really got me thinking).

We're pretty damn close to figuring out whether or not chopping off a bitten limb will save you from the Zombie plague - but alas RK doesn't give that away quite yet. Soon though, soon. A.

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