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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

11.23 Shopping List

Well i'll be travelling to Seattle for Thanksgiving tomorrow so won't be picking these up until next wed... bummer - would make for some great reading material on the 5.5 hour plane ride. No worries i got a stack of unread TPs eager and waiting ;)

CONAN #22 (MR) - Pull list. Elephant Tower arc continues (and concludes?).

EX MACHINA #16 (MR) - Pull list. Feels like forever between issues of Ex Machina but they're usually worth the wait. One of the best ongoing series out.
LOVELESS #2 (MR) - #1 was solid IMO and i'm def looking forward to this.

GODLAND #5 (RES) - Pull list. One of my favs at the moment.
INVINCIBLE #27 - Pull list.
WALKING DEAD #24 (MR) - Last issue really started picking up the pace again... after a short (very short) lull in my TWD hypeness, i'm back excited again.

ULTIMATE X-MEN #65 - Pull list.

GIANT MONSTER #2 - Anyone who missed #1 needs pick it up (i posted a review a while back if you're the least bit interested). #2 will wrap it up - nicely i feel.

BPRD THE BLACK FLAME #4 (OF 6), SILENT DRAGON #5 (OF 6), FERRO CITY #4 (listed for this week AND next week?), PVP VOL 3 PVP RIDES AGAIN TP (best bathroom reading out there), INCREDIBLE HULK #89, NEW AVENGERS #13, SENTRY #3 (OF 8), and WOLVERINE #36.

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24 November, 2005 23:07, Blogger Christopher Green said...

No Battle Pope?


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