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Friday, November 11, 2005

Desolation Jones #4

Man this comic just gets better and friggin' better. Seriously i've like each issue of D Jones better than that last (1-4). Honestly, this may be some of the best of Warren Ellis i've ever read. He's taken some of the best of his characters and wrapped them up into one beautifully ugly little package (I think i read this somewhere so whoever i owe credit too - thanks).

We get to see a side of Jones in #4 only hinted at in earlier issues - the hard-ass beast within. Jones gets jumped coming into his pad and subsequently opens a can of whup-ass w/ a stolen crowbar that's can't miss. Turns out someone (i won't give away who) has hired a hit man to snuff Jones (and get him off the case).

After making a serious mess of his attempted killer, Jones calls in his version of the "Wolf" (Pulp Fiction anyone?) to clean up the mess. Ellis's "Wolf" is a cool character in his own right (gotta love the engraved gold teeth and attitude he gives this guy).

In short - I can't get enough of D Jones. The art in this comic is something to behold (screen shots just can't do it any justice - i can't get any good ones because most of the action is full-page or 2-page awesomeness). There's a panel in here where Williams fills a cloud of exhaled smoke w/ images that i couldn't stop staring at. A+

It was all over when...

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14 November, 2005 12:17, Blogger Ryan X said...

Dude, couldn't agree with you more. DJ is just plain kick ass. I look forward to reading this more than any other title. Nice review.


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