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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hellboy Cartoon?

Me likey this news.

In short we're going to get 2 straight to DVD movies (70 mins each) that will air on the Cartoon Network starting next Oct (jeez that's a long way away isn't it?).

Best part about the whole thing IMO is:

Mike Mignola and Hellboy director Guillermo Del Toro are creative producers on the projects and will be intimately involved in story development and animation style.

Miggs involved will keep this on the up-and-up and leave little doubt it will be very... cool. Supposedly (and judging from this first image) the animation won't be based on Mignola's patented style (too bad). But i guess that's no matter if it looks like the image at the bottom of this post (very cool IMO).

I'm in a bit of "cool cartoon" withdrawal (i still get down w/ some "other" cartoons like Billy and Mandy) lately since Samurai Jack and Clone Wars Adventures closed up shop, and Justice League ended it's inagural season (though isn't season 2 started???) so this is well-timed news.

Anyone else hype? For more info check Newsarama and this very cool shot:

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