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Friday, November 11, 2005

How Did HoM End? (UPDATED)

I have to admit i totally lost interest in House of M somewhere along the way. I've got issues 6, 7, and 8 sitting on my nightstand but there always seems to be something more interesting to read, and they continue to gather dust. Can someone just fill me in on what happened (of consequence) over the second half of this "major event"?

UPDATE: My LCS guys sometimes rather unceremoniously add stuff to my box if they think i might enjoy it. This week i got home to find out i had a copy of Claremont's HoM "Day After" issue (guess since i was buying the heck out of HoM even though secretly i wasn't reading them).

And you know what? As much as i slept on the second half of HoM itself, i actually ENJOYED reading this comic. There's a ton of good info in here and it caught me almost all the way up (after a great head start via the comments to this very post).

Still not sure how many mutants are actually left in the world (gotta feel like there is more than 100-some considering some of the randoms that still have their powers), but we do know that the X-Men Academy is down from 182 to 27 (or so).

I have to be honest, i really like this turn of events. Might be just the reboot the entire Marvel U needs at the moment (as long as there isn't some mysterious "cure" that gives everyone back their powers). I mean i'm all for guys like Drake getting their powers back believe you me, i just want to keep the mutant numbers low again.

One thing missing here though (IMO) is the mutants who are HAPPY to have lost their powers. In Astonishing X-Men, when the mutant "cure" is almost discovered, there is a huge outcry of people super pumped about it (to the point of riots even). Mutants who just want to be "normal" again (especially those w/ physical mutations).

Ah well - maybe our writers will get to that... Anyways, good, double-fat issue (actually got me a bit re-invigorated w/ Marvel). Must (well, "should") read.

PS - Jubilee is a very corny character.

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08 November, 2005 12:35, Blogger Shane Bailey said...

Everyone gathered for a big fight with Magneto and the rest of the family. Quicksilver was the one to convince Wanda to make the House of M world. Magneto gets pissed at him and drops a sentinel on him killing him. Scarlet Witch goes crazy and says that it's all the mutants fault that her life is so crappy. She brings Quicksilver back to life.

Scarlet Witch then says "No More Mutants" and everything went poof and now there are only a few mutants on earth. 198? Magneto is depowered along with Iceman. Cage and Spider-man remember what happened during House of M, but the others don't and Wolverine remembers his entire life. They can't find Xavier and Hawkey may or may not be back as his costume is found in the ruins of Avengers Mansion pinned up on a wall with arrows.

That's about it I believe.

08 November, 2005 16:16, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

And Jason Todd's alive! That's gotta be Wanda's doing.

08 November, 2005 17:15, Blogger zilla said...

damn you make it sound like i made the right choice skipping the last 3 :) No but seriously - there's only 198 mutants left? that may be a good thing depending on how they handle it in the U. So i assume a bunch of guys besides just Magneto and Ice Man have been depowered then?

08 November, 2005 19:13, Blogger Peter Hensel said...

At first I thought only 198 mutants wouldn't be that much, but it's still an arbitrary and large amount, and who's gonna notice if there are 199 mutants? BUt that may jsut be the snark in me. I also don't think Magneto'll stay depowered that long. But that's jsut teh snark in me. It could be a source of positive change. Here's to hoping

09 November, 2005 11:40, Blogger Mark Fossen said...

I'm not sure on that 198 number. That's the name of an upcoming miniseries, but I think that's part of the remaining mutants.

The number's vague enough that they can keep having mutants whenever they need 'em.

11 November, 2005 19:17, Blogger Christopher Green said...

House of M: The Day After was a pretty lame, pointless book. House of M was alot better, particularly towards the end. I think you made a mistake by not reading the last few issues and allowing yourself to be told the outcome, as I was absoutely shocked when I read that Quicksilver was behind it all, and Wanda's "No more mutants" command.


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