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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Invincible V5: Facts of Life

I'm a bit pissed i was forced to miss book day today - even though it was my first visit in 3 weeks!!! i have a super long list of great flops that i'll have to wait until tomorrow to get my hands on (sometimes i HATE my job!).

It's late and i don't have time (or patience) for a full review but wanted to drop a few thoughts about the newest Invincible trade. I'm serious in saying that there doesn't seem to be anyone out there putting together their trades as well as Robert Kirkman.

Kirkman's trades come printed on that nice, slick, glossy stock (which really seems to bring out the colors in a book like Invincible), and are ALWAYS packed w/ extras usually relagated only to HCs. I mean how many trades out there these days come with ZERO extras, much less the uber-fun bonuses that RK gives us.

And while we're talking extras, i was real happy he decided to put the cool background mini-issues (of some of the top Invincible characters) from the double-sized #25 in here, and pages and pages (and pages) of original Ryan Ottley sketches - including some must see marker work of Atom Eve (wowzers).

Kudo's to Image and RK for these beast trades - i only wish every trade i bought was given this kind of TLC before it hit the stands... It's not THAT hard to throw in a few sketches w/ some writers commentary at the very least now is it??

Ok since this was meant to be a review and not just a slob-fest of the trades extras, let me tell you that i think this is the best Invincible compilation to date. The arc encompassed here is just a fun read IMO (my favorite Invincible stretch so far - even including those flops that have come afterwards).

Mark reveals his superhero-ness to Amber (his top girl), and you gotta love Angstrom Levy and the Mauler (brothers?) as villians. Levy's plan to rip the data banks of each of his various dopplegangers across dimensions is one of the coolest bad-guy plans i've read in comics in a while and there's plenty of Allen the Alien (one of my new favorite characters). A+ all around.

It was all over when...

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