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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"Planet Hulk" Anyone?

Ok you've heard me begging for some good Hulk for some time now (Incredible is killing me since i've been back reading comics) - and i might finally get my wish.

It appears Marvel is trying to put some real effort into the lead up to The Incredible Hulk #100 (Marvels "next big event"), and i gotta say i'm pretty impressed w/ the preview pages (tho they are few) included in the Newsarama announcement... Check it.

This one may go either way though - the stranded on another planet and forced to battle up the ranks in gladiatorial pit-fighting could easily turn corny. Or not. Do it up for us Pak. Please.

What say the masses?

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17 November, 2005 16:33, Blogger Peter Hensel said...

Pak definitely has it in him. His Warlock mini's great, and besides the polarizing effect of Greg Pak's art, Phoenix: Endsong was well written. Plus he's genuinely excited about it, unlike Iron Man: HoM, 1602, or Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects.


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