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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Spawn #150 (Reboot?)

One of the very cool things about comics is the good 'ole reboot. Characters or settings getting stale? Your last writer or artist alienated your fan base? No problem!

Get a new creative team, script up a new #1 w/ a catchy new sub-title (or pick a milestone issue in which to stage your comeback) and you're back in business. Everyone wants to read your book again and Newsarama, MillarWorld, CBR, and the comics blogsphere can't stop talking about it - life is good.

In what other industry can you so easily reinvent something gone stale?

A reboot is exactly what the Dr. ordered for McFarlane's Spawn. This book was the toast of the town for some time but somewhere along the way things just kind of... petered out. Not to say there wasn't (isn't) an extremely loyal Spawn fan-base, but the buzz and excitement once surrounding this title (and the all important drive-by readers) seemed to have gone silent.

So Todd went out and got himself a new creative team, picked a milestone issue (in this case #150) to reboot, and off he went. I haven't read Spawn in a while (i was one of those that lost interest long ago) but i loves me a reboot of an old fav so what the hell? And you know what? I'm not the least bit dissappointed. I loved this issue and (pending a few more) might just be back on the Spawn bandwagon.

So in as few words as possible what happens in this first issue of the much anticipated Spawn reboot?

Our man Spawn heads into the dead zone (where evidently he's powerless) and gets his face ripped off (literally) by Heaven's primo-hero. Left for dead, Spawn's bits and pieces are collected by Hell's minions (serving the Demon Mammon) and put back together (why? because Spawn is the ultimate key to the forthcoming battle between good and evil). Thing is, one very important piece has gone missing - his heart.

The all-important organ has been scooped up by the "Man of Miracles" (a good guy?) and transformed (not the perfect word but...) into an innocent little boy w/ what seems to be a simple first mission - get home to moms by your 6:00 curfew (and stop her from killing herself when you get there). Unfortunately the bad guys are none-too-eager to let this happen.

And meanwhile the Mississippi has turned to blood. Oh yeah;)

Ok, ok enough crude summary. I'll tell you one thing tho - these cats Medina and Tan can draw my friends. This issue is friggin' gorgeous (in a very dark, disturbing way mostly but still). I've flipped through it a almost every day this week just to re-admire the artwork.

I haven't read any Spawn in many, many moons, so before this issue i would have been totally lost but our writing team does an EXCELLENT job catching everyone up (important to any reboot obviously) w/ a background page in the beginning and a very useful and well written (text only) "interlude" a few pages into the action.

I'm a big fan of the execution of this reboot if nothing else, i can promise you that. McFarlane has gotten a huge team together to work his pride-and-joy (seriously there are 3 writers, 2 pencilers, 4 inkers, 2 colorists, a few extra cover guys, and a letterer listed in the credits!).

Wasn't expecting to be adding Spawn to my pull list but hey. Rock on at least for a few more issues.

Cheers. A+.

It was all over when...

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06 November, 2005 13:16, Blogger Mark Fossen said...

You can even make Spawn sound appealing, Zilla.

06 November, 2005 14:51, Blogger zilla said...

ha - i have a tendency to gush a bit too much don't i? i just friggin' love comics man - too much me thinks ;)

seriously though - i did enjoy this reboot - and that's coming from a guy who has had next to zero interest in anything spawn before last week...


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