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Monday, November 14, 2005

The Walking Dead #23

Man it feels good to get TWD in such rapid succession doesn't it? Seems like just yesterday I was reading #22 and along comes #23 (and I even hear #24 is right around the corner).

So what happens? We finally get to see the long-awaited rumble between Rick (who is fast losing his mind BTW) and Tyreese. RK really takes his time with it too, these guys pound on each other near the entire issue. That may seem like a lot of paper to expend on one fist-fight, but in THIS case I loved every panel of it. Not only are these two of the strongest personalities in TWD, but they're also best friends (in a world where friends of any sort aren't exactly in strong supply). It will be damn interesting to see where Kirkman takes this relationship in the next few issues...

Meanwhile, poor Allen finally kicks the proverbial bucket (I know that's a bit of a spoiler but considering it came out a week ago I hope I didn't pee on anyone's parade). I guess that about puts an end to the theory that cutting off a bitten/infected limb may actually serve to stem the flow of whatever infection causes zombification (yeah I made that word up).

Regardless this is a swell issue. Interesting how RK has managed to take his zombie-tale and made it zombie-less for a few issues, and kept it so compelling we hardly noticed. Keep it up my friend. A.

PS - Its about time for the introduction of some new characters... me thinks something pretty damn exciting is coming up here soon. Maybe in the dec issue around when i can grab my HC of the entire first year of TWD? Special.

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