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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

12.7 Shopping List

I'm so far behind at the moment i'm only about halfway through the humongous stack i picked up last week and it's already time to hit the shop again. No matter - let the pile grow! it cannot (will not) defeat me! I'm not sure if this is a sign of something "bigger" or not, but i'm losing interest in mainstream super-hero comics by the month it seems... All my core Marvel and DC super-hero reads go immediately to the bottom of my stack of "to read"s each week. Bad sign.

CONAN & THE DEMONS OF KHITAI #3 (OF 4) - Not all that happy w/ this but i'm a sucker for Conan (too much of one evidently).

JONAH HEX #2 - Pull list.
TEAM ZERO #1 (OF 6 - A "6-issue tale of heroism and bloodshed" set in 1945? I'm in.
Y THE LAST MAN #40 - Pull list.

IMAGE COMICS HOLIDAY SP 2005 - Happy Holidays?
SPAWN #151 - First Spawn comic i ever read (seriously) was #150 and i enjoyed the hell out of it (no pun intended). I'm def in for 151 (the comic not the super-strong liquor).
WALKING DEAD SCRIPT BOOK #1 - What is a "script book" exactly? All words?

POWERS #15 - Pull list (4 ever).
PUNISHER #28 - Pull list.
THOR BLOOD OATH #5 (OF 6) - This will make one heck of a good mini IMO. I'm a Thor junkie anyways for some reason unexplained.
ULTIMATES 2 #9 - Pull list. So, so, sooooooo sad Marvel's changing the creative team here - they're a match made in heaven for this title.

SURROGATES #3 (OF 5) - Loving this. This is one of those books that just gets me thinking (a lot). Another one that will be a great mini for the 'ole collection.


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07 December, 2005 09:55, Blogger Ryan X said...

Ditto on the Super Hero genre, no draw for me either. Glad you mentioned Team Zero, that looks awesome! Lastly, who is psyched for DMZ #2? Can't wait.

07 December, 2005 13:43, Blogger zilla said...

personally i loved DMZ. i'm pretty sure i'll like this title so yeah i'm def hype about #2 :)

07 December, 2005 14:43, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I wouldn't worry too much about the creative team for Ultimates 3. Jeph Loeb and Joe Mad are awesome, although be warned, with Joe Mad on pencils, there's a good chance this book with be delayed to hell.

I think the problem with you and super hero books is, you don't read the right ones.


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