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Saturday, December 03, 2005

All-Star Superman #1

Grant Morrison is really cool. I read all of 0 (zero) superman comics but figured i'd give the much-hyped All-Star Superman a try (as i desperately try and find some titles produced by Marvel and or DC's core houses to enjoy on a regular basis). So what did i think?

I'm pretty impressed. As is typical of Morrison, the writing is a bit more mature than we're used to from DC (a big plus for me), and while the art isn't all that impressive really (to my eyes), i appreciate it pretty well - except the way Superman himself is drawn. Big problem i know, but i'll be able to deal w/ it for this title i think ;) Quitley's superman just feels a bit dated to me for some reason (and even if i'm nit-picking i hate the way he draws his shorts).

Ok, ok. I was pretty much hooked after the first 2 pages (gotta love this intro to a new series based on an "old" character). Morrison's first arc w/ this new title gets off to a GREAT start IMO.

Lex Luthor begins to realize that he's not getting any younger (and unfortunately for him his arch-enemy isn't getting any older), and he's losing chances to die a happy man (his own way). So what does he do? Flips the script from the U.S. gub-ment leashed good-boy back to his villianous roots by concocting one hell of a cool plan to kill Superman. How? Use his heroic inclinations and his greatest power source (the sun) against him.

Fast forward and Superman is dying (yeah). With things seemingly hopeless (at least for now), Sups starts thinking about "tying up his affairs" - even leading to an cool set of last few panels where Clark Kent seemingly reveals his secret identity to Lois at the steps of her apartment.

There's some uber-cool psychology here for Morrison to explore given Superman's current predicament - hopefully translating into some excellent upcoming issues of this title.

Morrison has built something pretty darn interesting so far. Me likey. A.

PS - Is it just me or does the scientist trying to build super-humans "in case" the world loses it's greatest hero remind you of Willy Wonka?

It was all over when...

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