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Friday, December 16, 2005

Batman and the Monster Men #1 and #2

Here marks the first superhero comic i've tried based on a recommendation to my post ("Ok so what superhero comics SHOULD i be reading"), Batman and the Monster Men.

Picked up issues #1 and #2 this past week and i'll be damned... i enjoyed them both! Thanks for the recommendation (its one of the titles helping to cure my mainstream superhero blues)...

Gotta admit this is one of the first Batman comics i've read (and enjoyed) since i started reading again (besides the 2 Hush TPs which i vigorously loved of course). Not sure what it is exactly about Batman and the Monster Men but I'm digging the simple, straight-forward story and the sketch-style pencils (the art kind of reminds me of the dude who did Billy the Kid's Old Timey Oddities but i have NO idea why).

Wagner does an exellent job managing "darkness" (a huge challenge for Batman writers evidently). This Batman mini is nice and dark, as Batman should be, but not overly dark and/or melodramatic (Batman fans know what i'm getting at here...). Bruce Wayne is written well both as Bruce Wayne AND Batman (i really get a knot in my stomach at the way Batman is written sometimes, always have).

It's not only our lead though, all the characters seem to have a good feel to them (the Commissioner and Wayne's now-famous love interest are especially coolly written). Wagner's mix of narration boxes (internal monologue) and dialogue has a great feel to it - we're getting into the mind of each character REALLY quickly in this mini (w/o sacrificing depth) - and i love that.

So the story... I'm not usually a big fan of the much bally-hooed evil-scientist-creates-a-rampaging-monster (or three) storyline, but it seems to feel just fresh enough in this case to keep me around (gotta love how the "professor" gets his subjects for experimentation).

In conclusion, i have to admit i'm a huge fan of the writer-artist combo (in this case out man Matt Wagner). I guess you just get a feeling the panels unfold EXACTLY as intended when it's the same dude writing AND drawing them you know? Gives a book that extra "umph" in my opinion... but hey maybe that's just me ;) B+.


20 December, 2005 20:29, Anonymous Kurt said...

Pick up Wagner's Sandman Mystery Theater trades when you can. Very good stuff.

21 December, 2005 20:35, Blogger zilla said...

Kurt i just ordered Book 1 on your recommendation ALONE. See how good friends we are? Thanks partner... i'll post some thoughts after i read it.

happy holidays my friend...


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