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Monday, December 12, 2005

Buzzscope "Geek Gifts 2005"

Buzzscope posted a "Gifts for Geeks" list for the upcoming holidays, and (since i'm such a sucker for these kinds of lists) i figured i'd share.

For our purposes here let's just focus on the "Comics and Manga" section where a few notables were left out IMO: The HUGE Waking Dead HC and Bendis' Powers HC are both on my wish list, as well as the Absolute Batman: Hush HC. I've seen that massive Calvin and Hobbes HC collection at my LCS and must say it's friggin' huge and beautiful.

Anyone else care to chime in so we all get our comics wish lists as robust as possible before the holidays (especially if you have links to other comics sites holiday wish lists)??

PS also found IGN's december review of 200+ vertigo trades. Something on this list for everyone!

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13 December, 2005 09:53, Blogger Ryan X said...

Guess I have never checked out IGN before? Thanks for the link, very cool site, with some great reviews.


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