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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Comics purchased by Uncensored for the week of November 30

Small week, the first and last wednsdays usually are. This week consists of three titles, all Marvel, and all at mainstream price points ($2.50US/$3.50CDN).

The New Avengers #13
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Penciled by David Finch
"Ronin" Part III of III
As much as I don't want to admit it, this book is becoming rather stale. This past arc, supposedly about Ronin, has had very little to do with it's title character. In fact, this issue doesn't even have a visible title (stating Ronin part III), which should say something about the changing direction it quickly took. Ronin's identity really wasn't the focus of this story, it was more about Silver Samurai and Hydra and The Hand. Ronin's identity is revealed in such a passive manner it really trivializes the whole thing-- plus, I mean, Ronin drawn as a man in every previous piece of artwork before really gives the impression that Ronin's identity was a mere afterthought by Bendis. Thankfully, the end of the issue gives the impression that maybe, the title might actually go somewhere. Another thing I find myself wondering is where the hell Wolverine is in all of this?
**1/2 out of *****

Ultimate Fantastic Four #25
Written by Mark Millar
Penciled by Greg Land
"Tomb of Namor" part II of III
I'm going to start this off by saying that, I cannot give enough praise to the creative team on this book. Mark Millar does an excellent job writing exciting, fun, and most of all, compressed storylines (no arcs that have been streched on a few issues too long). Greg Land's pencils are absolutely beautiful, they are very much a sight to see. His characters have a distinct realism to them, while still maintaining a stylish look (and damn, he draws some fine looking women). The enviroments he draws look fantastic (no pun intended). This issue sees the Ultimate F4 at the bottom of the ocean at the discovery of Atlantis, and waking up Namor in the process. Namor is very much a prick in his Ultimate version, looking down on humans as being mere primitive primates, though he's fascinated with Sue. Namor convinces Sue to accompany him on a walk through New York, saying he will only reveal the secrets of Atlantis to her. By the end of the issue, a secret is discovered about Namor himself, thus creating an awesome cliffhanger for next issue. This is a superb title and has warmed me up to the Ultimate universe, check it out before the Miller/Land run ends!
**** out of *****

Ultimate Vision back up flip book story #3
Written by Mark Millar
Penciled by John Romita Jr.
Flip-cover by Stuart Immonen
These four page flip book back ups are being featured throughout the Ultimate line during November and December, serving as a prequel to Warren Ellis' finale to the Ultimate Gah Lak Tus (Galactus) trilogy, Ultimate Extinction. I haven't read the first two parts (and it's doubtful I ever will, as I don't read Ultimate Spider-Man or X-Men), so there's not alot I can say about this other than, I hated the cover for it, and it's nice to see John Romita Jr.'s work again (he penciled the first comic book I ever bought).
No rating.

Wolverine #36
Written by Daniel Way
Penciled by Javier Saltares/Mark Texeira
Cover by Joe Quesada
"Origins And Endings" part I of V
Well this answers my question as to where Wolverine was... He was in Japan! Then again, so were the New Avengers. I've never had much interest in reading a Wolvie solo title, but with the promise of revealing Wolverine's true origin, I'm game.Anyway, Wolverine is in Japan, trying to track someone down, eventually we find out that, that someone is the Silver Samurai (popular guy these days). Wolverine remembers everything about his life, and this has the New Avengers, (what appears to be) S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Canadina government worried. Not alot happens in this issue, but it shows promise.
*** out of *****


06 December, 2005 11:04, Blogger Mark Fossen said...

Another thing I find myself wondering is where the hell Wolverine is in all of this?
Of all the problems in this arc, that's the biggest. All this nonsense about recruiting someone who knows the Hand and Japan and ninjas .... when they already that someone who knows all that. Bendin needed a lame hook to bring in Ronin, used a really contrived method to do it, and didn't even bother with a good excuse.

06 December, 2005 17:38, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I agree completely. And the fact that Wolverine is actually in Japan (and runs into the Silver Samurai) in the latest issue of Wolverine really makes you wonder why he was completely left out of this arc.

It's unfortunate, because at one point I figured this would be a title I read indefinately, but unless something awesome happens soon, I might end up dropping it early next year.


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