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Thursday, December 15, 2005

DMZ #2

This book as a ton of potential IMO. My mind starts racing when i think of all the stories i want to read from this creative team, w/ this setting and this cast. That's always a good thing when getting started w/ a new title right? Predicted longevity is a huge plus for me as a comics reader... I mean if i get the feeling a title i'm reading is going down the tubes even issues from now, all of a sudden i lose interest immediately - does that make any sense at all?

Ok so DMZ #2: War has broken out between the U.S. and a rogue faction of "free states" and New York City has been decimated in the conflict (we know that from #1 though right?). In this issue, Matt continues to ride around on Zee's heels, taking in the gritty realism of a war torn city. A grizzly visit to a field hospital full of injured children proves the DMZ creative teams willingness to go to any length to show us the "true" (or at least "true-er"), and very ugly side of war.

Next we get a few educational pages/panels (thankfully) designed to fill us in on a few more details about the overall conflict and current NY City situation that were sorely missed in #1, then Zee and Matt head over to visit a very quirky "friend". And suddenly DMZ takes a very cool turn.

At the end of #2 (w/ the introduction and very short story of Zee's pal and his uber-long distance girlfriend), we're starting to settle in to what this comic will "be". War torn NY City might be the setting but this book isn't about "war" per se. It will be a gritty human interest mag with the promise of some interesting (possibly very interesting) stories down the line - all told via the lense of a rookie photojournalist w/ an itch to shake things up back in the "real" world by reporting "truth" from the trenches.

DMZ #2 - A.

It was all over when...


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