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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Fantastic Four (the Movie)

Finally got around to watching Fantastic Four last night after missing it in the theatres and guess what? The reasons i thought i wasn't going to like it turned out not to be the reasons i didn't (but i still didn't). How's that for a tough sentence to comprehend? Let me explain (in part)...

When i read the intial reviews (and saw the previews) way back when, one of my huge turn-offs was that i thought Ben Grimm's rocky hide looked a bit "rubbery" and an obvious costume (and this is huge for me since Thing was my all-time fav from this crew)... but turns out in the actual flow of the movie it wasn't all that bad.

There is a lot of "other" bad though. The acting is pretty much piss-poor across the board. Seriously there's not a single character in here that i felt well-acted - Reed was little like i have read him, Jessica Alba did a MUCH better job in Sin City where she had fewer lines and served as eye-candy primarily insted of secondarily, Johnny Storm is plain ANNOYING in this movie (i hope this doesn't ruin my mental image of him from the comics where's he a lot more peter park "funny" than annoying), and Doom? Miss.

Ugh... so without that all we've got left is the story right? Even that falls pretty short in my opinion, though it does have a few moments (just not nearly enough of them strung together). It always feels rushed to try and cram decades of comic history into a couple hour movie, but it IS possible (see Spider-Man and Batman Begins). Fantastic Four feels crammed, condensed, and unbelievable pretty much from the jump. This was one of those movies where i found myself saying one of two phrases over and over... "why the hell?" or "yeah right".

Maybe i woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I mean after all my complaining in the paragraphs preceding this one - i admit i WAS entertained (at least somewhat). It wasn't the worst movie i've seen by any stretch, just bugs me when you're handed an incredible story, with a time-tested (and very deep, well-explored) cast and you can't win with it. I mean it's all there - ALREADY a hit on paper... where in the process does the magic go... poof? C.


17 December, 2005 14:09, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I'll agree it wasn't good. It seemed even worse when I saw it in theaters, because I had gone to see Batman begins the day before with my buddy (first time for him, second for me), and FF suffered in comparison. I di like Chiklis as the Ben grimm, but I'm a big fan of The Shield so I'm probably biased.

I think what hurt the movie is it had to many characters to devlop, so it couldn't do any of them well. Batman Begins really only had to worry about developing Wayne's personality, and it's somewhat easier to do in the amount of time given.


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