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Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Goon #15

Ah it's always a good week when a new issue of Eric Powell's The Goon hits the stands. #15 drags a bit but it's plenty good... And the letter pages in this issue are alone worth the price of admission (more on that later).

If you've been around here a while, you'll note that i've said it 100 times before but this guy Powell has a gift for comedy in comic books. That's high Eisner-worthy praise these days where most "funny" books feel forced, corny, or downright "un"funny to me. Throw in a horror genre twist and one of the most memorable casts you can possibly imagine, and you've got one of the BEST titles i've read since my relapse back into comic-dom.

So what's the Goon all about? That's a very difficult question to answer my friend. We've got a story about a knuckle-busting thug who has gone from ashy to classy (R.I.P. Biggie), starting out as an orphaned kid who becomes the head of a mob-ish crime family (the Labrazio's). Sounds simple enough right? It is; until you throw in the fact that Mr. Goon's nemesis is a nameless (turns out that's an important detail) man priest who's actively resurecting the dead into a zombie army. Throw in a mad scientist with metal skin and a robot bodyguard, a werewolf, Frankie the sidekick, Buzzard (the used-to-be sheriff), Spider (the... spider), a mexican horny toad chupacabras, and Norton's Pub and... man you had to be there.

Anyways - about issue #15. The story in this issue isn't much to write home about - let's just say Goon and Frankie help bail Norton (and his mom) out of an a debt owed back in the "old country" with brains instead of brawn for once. But the real sweetness here is in the hilarious letter pages.

An ex-fan writes in and slams Powell for snubbing him w/ a couple grunts and a lot of attitude at a comic-con. That letter (and Powell's response) by itself is hilarious, but then Powell gets a ton of writers from around the industry (Oeming, Busiek, Niles, etc.) to write in letters crushing him, his attitude, and quirks (most make believe i hope but still...). I was laughing my arse off for a long, long while reading these... B (A after i read the letter pages).

It was all over when...

PS - Powell's colored-pencil art is so friggin' good now. Blows his earlier stuff away my friends...


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