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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Image Holiday Special (2005)

It's my first christmas reading comics since... well... a very, very long time ago (15+ years). I've never read a "Holiday Special" of any kind before i snagged this Image TP off the shelf this past week, so to be honest i wasn't sure what to expect.

In the end i guess it was just what i *could* have expected - hit and miss (but suprisingly mostly "hit"). There's a pretty funny PvP short covering the Image christmas party (I love me some PvP), a Savage Dragon story that garnered a chuckle (even though i've never read a single issue of SD for some wild reason), a hilarious sentient christmas tree tale by Chris Giarusso, a "Buddy Henson" story from a writer/artist i've never heard of (does this Buddy Henson kid have a title?) and a couple shorts i'd like no matter how bad they are (and they aren't) from the Godland and Walking Dead crews respectively.

You HAVE to love the irreverence of Basil Cronus (the skull in the jar dude from Godland) smoking a hookah filled w/ sticky icky w/ Santa. Hahahahahahah.

Def worth the price of admission if you're an Image fan (there are enough good stories in here to help you ignore the unmemorable "christmas eve at a bar" shorts sprinkled throughout...

One thing tho - i can't help thinking that Image should give this away at a serious discount (maybe put a flop price on it of $2.99?) since it really deploys primarily as a marketing tool for its various writers/artists/titles... But hey that's just me. B+.

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