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Friday, December 23, 2005

The Incredible Hulk #90

This is sad. Real, real sad. I LOVE the Hulk. I want to like any title w/ his name on it - but man The Incredible Hulk has been bad since i got back into comics and seems to just get worse. This latest issue might be the one that finally gets this title off my pull list (even though it breaks my heart). The story is cheezy and the art (while not bad really) just doesn't do it for me. So much for hopes that the new creative team of Way and (?) would pull this book out of the deepening quagmire it's been struggling in.

Here's to hoping those rumors of an "Ultimate" Hulk are true.


23 December, 2005 14:36, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Well, at least there's Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk!


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