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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Jonah Hex #2

Let me start by saying Jonah Hex #2 was WAY better than #1 IMO.

The story in #2 is quite a bit more appealing and "classic western" even though it seemed kind of disjointed at times. Disjointed how? I couldn't help but feel that there were panels missing (or even entire pages sometimes) as i read it. It's a bit hard to explain exactly, but the overall flow of the story just seemed a bit stutter-stepped.

I'm pretty sure the problem Palmiotti is having here is trying to fit entire story arcs into a single issues (seems like this may be the ongoing method for Jonah Hex). The story in this one (for example) probably could have stretched into 3 issues w/o feeling too padded. Please note that i am NOT arguing for the long, rambling story arcs modern comics readers have grown to abhor (i'm actually whole-heartedly AGAINST those), but there is DEFINITELY a fine line every writer needs to be cognizant of. Cramming a story into too few pages can be as ugly as stretching it across too many. Readers are forced to make too many plot connections using imagination rather than art (and we miss out on some cool dialogue, story line details, panels, and images along the way).

Enough ranting though - i've digested 2 issues of Hex and 2 of Loveless and for me personally there's no contest so far - its Loveless for Zill (even though Loveless #2 had it's problems as well, hopefully i'll get around to dropping my thoughts on that one here soon). Loveless is a bit more "adult" feeling to me, with a grittier overall tone that i find appealing, and some more polished writing (and art for that matter).

There are far too few western comics though so i'll be sticking by both (for now). C+.

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