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Thursday, December 22, 2005

MillarWorld.TV registration woes (they hate me)

as some of you may know, i've been trying for like months (pretty much since my first month back into comics) to get access to the oh-so-exclusive MillarWorld.TV club; yet it seems no matter what i try i can't get the administrator (mr. big shot!) to let me in.

i go through the same process each time (i've done this like twice a month for the past 6 months)... filling out the simple registration form (by now i've carefully read every piece of instruction), using my first name and/or surname as my userID, an appropriate password, and my email address (i've tried about 5 different accounts, some "free" addresses like gmail or yahoo which i know aren't liked by some forums, then my personal account and even my god-damned work account) - to no avail.

i still can't get them to write me back after the "the administrator wishes to preview all new accounts and will contact you..." message.

why me? seriously what's the beef millar? zilla no suckie i swear!


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