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Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Mixed Bag...

Ok - quick reviews of a few totally unrelated titles that i happened to read back-to-back-to-back last night while enjoying a couple cold Coors Lights (rocky mountain cold my friends!).

Sentry #3 - Anyone who frequents Zilla's knows that i'm really digging on this mini (and i guess it constitutes yet another mainstream superhero mag i'm into after claiming just days ago i was hardly reading/enjoying any ;)

And just what is it that makes Sentry so enjoyable for me? Well, first off, the character is actually INTERESTING! Ever since i was a kid i've been readily fascinated w/ the tortured (and often ignominious) "internal struggle" - guess that's why i've always loved the Hulk.

And you know what? Professing my love for the big green is a great segway into my next point about Sentry #3 - what's a Marvel mini w/o an Incredible Hulk cameo? He's here in #3 (even though he's not written as well as i would like), and evidently has some sort of id-level fascination with Sentry. The two of them head into the n-zone (or n-dimension i can't remember) in search of answers to Sentry's past and run into his schizo-generated other half - the "void". Cool. B+.

Marvel Team-Up #15 - I'm kind of a Kirkman junkie (as we know) and i'm fast becoming a Medina junkie, even though i've never seen his work outside of this title. The guy has a bit of a cartoonish style but i dig it (well) for some reason. These Marvel Team-Ups are just... fun. This new arc has promise. B+.

Thor Blood Oath #5 (of 6) - Damnit Oeming! You're going to get me coming and going with this since i'll 100% be buying the TP once it's out (after having bought all the flops). I swear the greatest money making vehicle comic shops every dreamt up was the damn trade paperback. Ah but i digress - Thor Blood Oath is expertly written and expertly drawn. This issue picks up big time (for me) after a somewhat lackluster #4. B+.

Punisher #28 - The last panel in this issue will turn your stomach inside out (ouch). I just started Punisher w/ this story arc and i'm not sure i jumped in at the best time... I got to admit i'm kind of anxious to get onto the next one. C+.

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11 December, 2005 20:36, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I've been reading Punisher since #19 (MAX series), I haven't picked up the latest issue yet, but Punisher, as long as Ennis is on it, will always be on my pull list.


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