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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Silent Dragon #5

Well damn this is a friggin' GOOD mini. Yu's art continues to blow me away in Silent Dragon, and Diggle has picked the story back up at just the right time. #5 is by far the best issue of this series since #1 IMO, and i'm soooooo pumped about #6.

Our man Diggle throws us a couple of pretty cool revelations in this issue that i won't give away (even though i'm sure everyone interested will have read this by now since i'm a week or 2 behind). Ultimately let's just say that Reizo drops the hammer on his unfolding plan to get back at Hideaki and rescue the love of his life, amidst some serious ass-whupppin'. #6 promises to be a good vs. evil battle for the ages.

I sure hope we get more of Diggle and Yu working together... I'm a big Diggle fan, and Yu is fast becoming one of my favorite artists (get this guy more work!). Have you seen the adds for Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine in all the Marvel coms this month? Wow. It's just one shot but it kicks ass and gets my blood boiling for that title no doubt...

Silent Dragon will read as an awesome trade (better than month-by-month i'm sure). Definitely one of my favorite mini's so far this year. Please, please close this one out solid. A+.

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05 December, 2005 10:57, Blogger Ryan X said...

I am more behind than you, SD #5 is on my short list to read this week. Thanks for the great review, looks awesome. In other news, any thoughts on the latest Fell? I just read it so that is why I bring it up on an unrelated post.

06 December, 2005 12:01, Blogger Ryan X said...

I read SD #5 this morning, you were right on with your review, awesome! Like you, I hope it wraps up well.


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