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Friday, December 09, 2005

Team Zero #1

Ok - i have NO idea if this is comic is any good. Weird thing to say right? It's true. I am a serious sucker for this "kind" of comic (clancy-esque military-style action/intrigue) so i'd probably force myself to like it even if it were only sub-par. #1 did feel pretty interesting though - and hopefully this will turn into a tight mini (wait that sounds weird too - "tight mini"... ha, i'm on a roll i guess).

Anyways - Team Zero starts w/ the undercover operations of a uber-black op hard-ass codenamed: Deathblow. I had a problem w/ this guys name right off the bat since it's a bit of a corny name... and reminds me way too much of a some very funny Seinfeld episodes - but i digress...

Our man "Deathblow" is at the head of a top-secret WWII mission to capture or assassinate a top Japanese Admiral (under the guise of a mission to blow up a key re-fueling station). He accomplishes his mission but barely escapes with his life. The rest of his squad isn't so lucky - they all perish in the fire-fight that ensues when the mission goes into the toilet.

While recovering in Hawaii, Deathblow is approached by his "handlers" (i guess that's what these guys are) with another, even more grevious mission. He agrees if he can pick his own team (members to be introduced next issue it appears). Personally i can't wait to meet the gang - their makeup may just be what makes or breaks this mini IMO (see Losers for what a strong core cast can do for you).

Ok so Dixon and Mehnke do an admirable job w/ this so far. The story is gritty and interesting enough to keep me going, and the art (while nothing to particularly write home about) is solid for this genre. #2? Yes. Ryan X - what say you? B.

It was all over when...

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12 December, 2005 11:11, Blogger Ryan X said...

Unfortunatley, I have had no opp to hit the LCS in the last two weeks! I will comment when I get there. Judging from your review, it is def worth picking up, love the panel shot you posted.


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