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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Thing #1

Hmmm. Not exactly sure how i feel about this one yet. The art is pretty average (and atypical "big 2" IMO if you get what i mean) and the story isn't really all that to write home about either... but there's something about it.

The "cauldron" is a ridiculous villian but got a chuckle out of me (for some reason), and i gotta say i loved the panel showing Ben in his swanky new apartment wearing green Hulk fuzzy bedroom slippers. Nice touch! Throw in some guest appearances from a villianous mastermind that reminds me of Dr. Alloy (from the Goon) for some reason, and a martha stewart imitator (seroiusly) and we're moving right along...

We'll have to see where this title goes - i've always considered Thing one of my favorite Marvel characters so i'll probably stick this out longer than i should... B.

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