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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Walking Dead #24

It almost feels weird to praise an issue that is almost entirely dedicated to one conversation (75% of which is a single speech), but you know what? that's what i'm going to do.

I felt pretty darn good about this issue, despite the fact that almost nothing (literally) really happens. Rick wakes up from a 24-hour coma (induced by a steep fall in #23), to find out he's been voted out as leader of our wayward band of Zombie plague survivors. He takes it pretty well all things considering, but lays into his fellow "inmates" regardless - laying out there some stuff i've been thinking since TWD started (and Kirkman has obviously been saving up).

TWD continues to rule the roost as one of my favorite books - but we're about due (as readers) for some renewed Zombie action and/or some new characters/outsiders. I def enjoyed Kirkman's detour from the Zombie-specific "stuff" to explore our characters struggle to start over some semblance of a society here in this abandone prison (and their relationships w/ each other) - but i'm itching for some new action. Good thing you can just get this feeling something "big" is going to happen soon...

Can't WAIT for my TWD HC arriving sometime this month. This thing is huge in total issues (as HCs should be) and i'm sure (knowing Kirkman) will be filled w/ extras. Got mine for 50 bones (it's listed at $100 or $150). B.

It was all over when...

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