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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

X-Factor #1

Peter David is back in my good graces.

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect when i picked up X-Factor #1 (the reboot) but i can tell you one thing: In the end i was damn-well surprised. PAD has taken a slummy cast of nobodies and turned them into something surprisingly interesting. To be honest, this is one of the best PAD-written issues i've read in a long, long time (no offense big guy).

So what goes down in #1? Our opening story deals primarily w/ Rictor's insecurities after losing his powers (HoM), and Madrox's attempts to talk him off the ledge (literally). There's some high-level introductions of some of the other characters, and a brilliant surprise ending slash cliff-hanger that put icing on the proverbial goodness cake and got me flipping back to the first page to run through this one a second time before tossing it in the "read" pile.

At the end of the day i'm impressed. Seems like i've been on a bit of a superhero roll ever since i proclaimed my distaste for mainstream superhero comics a few weeks ago... Whatever. I'll take it ;) Could be the reason i'm diggin on X-Factor so far is because the cast ISN'T mainstream though... maybe i'm on to something here...

Anyways - PAD is at the top of his game (so far) in X-Factor and Sook's art (who is this guy?) is right up my alley... kind of reminds me of the old Bendis Alias comics for some reason. I really (really) liked this #1. A.

It was all over when...


22 December, 2005 09:49, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

Who is Ryan Sook? He totally rules! He did the art on the recently completed Seven Soldiers: Zatanna; did a year+ on The Spectre a couple of years back; did a couple of Spike & Dru comics; some BPRD; and some Hawkman last year.

22 December, 2005 09:54, Blogger zilla said...

hey! remember i'm only back into comics for 8 mos or so now ;) thanks for the website though - i just spent a few checking it out... i really dig this guys work for sure. you know off the top of your head which BPRD arc(s) he did?


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