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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Spawn #1 Was the Cat's A$$ Right About When I Stopped Reading

And low and behold, it's still running 15 years later upon my return. But wait - it's not nearly as cool and talked about as it was back then (and to be honest who could expect it to be after all this time?). Todd isn't working directly w/ the book anymore... there's some... other dudes. In 1992, Todd M was just about THE coolest guy in comics. I loved his work back then (who can forget his hulk, spidey, or spawn?), hell he was one of the reasons i stumbled away from comics and couldn't make a clean break, even with college, women, jobs, and whatever else that took up my time for the last 15 years looming. Once I started reading again the first books i went for were the ones i remembered from back when: Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk. Spawn came to mind as a title i recognized that was still runnning, so I poked around at CBR and the online neighborhood, trying to investigate the books current state of affairs but didn't find much positive. There's def a hard core fanbase hunting down each floppy, but it seems to me a lot of readers are pretty "blah" about the title these days. But wait - there's hope! Todd is getting more involved (or at least hinting at it), and there's going to be a new team (supposedly a great new team but what do i know at this point?) to shake things up starting w/ a super-size-me issue #150. I think i'll pick this one up... for old times sake.


01 July, 2005 22:47, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I used to like Spawn ages ago, but that was mostly just because I liked to watch the HBO series. I still have one issue of Spawn though, #9 which features the first appearence of Angela.

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Great Hulk Quote

The big green has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters - ever since i was a little kid. I read a quote over at Buzzscope today by a commentor named only "Vex Machine" describing the hulk as a "great go-to character in the Marvel Universe when you need an all-powerful neutral badass to straighten out everyone else's mess."

Love that quote. Thanks Vex.

PS - Looking forward to #83 next week.


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Boy Can I Relate...

Man this one reminds me of my wife and i... courtesy of Penny Arcade (thanks for introducing me to this strip Mark - of Focused Totality fame).


30 June, 2005 15:55, Blogger Mark Fossen said...

Yeah, Penny Arcade is one of my favorite stops on the 'net. The comics are great, but it's Tycho's news columns that keep me coming back. There's something about his voice that just really appeals to me.


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To Crossover or Not to Crossover?

There's some very interesting discussion going on over at Peter David's blog about spidey crossovers (including some somewhat testy comments from PAD). Seems the first 3 issues of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (love this title by the way, hope it sticks), will be part of a crossover (none of which will be written by david). Personally i'm all over the new FNSM book regardless. As a matter of fact i can't wait for it - spidey is struggling IMO besides Ultimate (and i admit i do pick up MK). I guess i've been away too long to be snubbing one particular writer or another... ask me in a few months though and i may be agreeing with some of these commenters - i can definitely see their point.

ps you may also want to read PAD's blog post from today - interesting read (no further comment).


01 July, 2005 23:14, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I was under the impression that the crossover would have Peter David writing all three books for the month of october.

01 July, 2005 23:17, Blogger zilla said...

nah you are right. since i posted this i found out that's exactly how it's going down (PAD is writing all 3 #1's i think... then the other 2 writers are something... to be honest i'm not 100% sure (obviously).

02 July, 2005 13:58, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I think David will be writing ASM #525, MKSM #19, and FNSM #1. Hudlin (puke) will be writing 526, 20, and 2. JMS will be doing 527, 21, and 3. Then in January each writing will return to writing their own books.


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Just Placed a Couple of Nice Orders Online (Happy 4th?)

I just placed 2 nice size orders online. hated having to use 2 different stores but instocktrades.com doesn't carry Dark Horse or "Other" yet (supposedly coming soon):

INSTOCKTRADES.COM (this is my first order w/ instock since i discovered them; their prices are killer - let's hope everything else works):

  • Invincible Vol. 2: Eight is Enough
  • - can't wait for this one, i'm way behind.
  • Powers Vol. 5: Anarchy
  • - marching along.
  • Superman/Batman Vol. 1: Public Enemies
  • - i've read the last few floppies and decided i might as well dive in and read the back issue trades since this is the only DC title i'm reading right now (even though thanks to some advice from a commenter i may pick up gotham central here shortly).
  • Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1: Gifted
  • - the only x-men title that interests me right now. i've only read the last couple floppies but def want to go back to the beginning and catch up.
  • PVP Vol. 1: At Large
  • - been reading these online daily and def enjoy them... heard this trade was out and worth the pennies so i'm grabbing it - strips are great throne room material (sorry ladies).
  • Ultimates Vol. 2: Homeland Security
  • - i borrowed the first volume of ultimates from a friend and it wasn't bad... i figure i'll read vol. 2, then move on to ultimates 2.

AMAZON.COM: Amazon is kind of my "go to" shop i guess. prices aren't always the best but are def good, and super saver shipping is no joke. add in that you can almost always find everything you want and you've got a pretty solid backup man.

  • Usagi Yohimbo Vol. 2: Samurai
  • - got word from sakai himself (in a thread over at CBR) that i should start w/ vol. 2 if i want to catch up on everything UY - so needless to say i'm taking his advice :)
  • The Walking Dead Vol. 3: Safety Behind Bars
  • - SO HYPE to read this one... loved vol. 1 and 2. this might be my most anticipated (hard to say though - got a lot of fun stuff to read coming in these 2 orders).
  • Hellboy Vol. 3: The Chained Coffin and Others
  • - ahhhh... my hellboy adventure continues. only hellboy i've ever read is vol. 2 and i def dug it. i may be hooked.
  • Street Angel
  • - can't stop reading about this and the quirkiness might be right up my alley. another recommendation from the good folks at CBR who treat me so well. looking forward to it. will def review this one.


30 June, 2005 12:20, Blogger El Snoozo said...

I think you'r really gonna like the Superman/Batman series. I have been reading them pretty steadily and Jeph Loeb has been doing a great job showing the differences between Batman ans Superman through inner monologues..A great example is when Batman steps onto the hell like planet of Apocalypse and he says that he dosen't belong here, he belongs in Gotham ridding the streets of scum..Good schtuff

30 June, 2005 12:57, Blogger zilla said...

yeah i've only read the last 3 or so floppies but i'm pretty pumped to get the first trade and kind of start at the beginning. i'm going to check out gotham central too - in my quest to get some DC into my diet. what's that all about anyways?

30 June, 2005 15:59, Blogger Mark Fossen said...

Gotham Central is "NYPD Blue". Just Gotham Cops ... at least that's my understanding.

Some great TPBs there, Zilla. Homeland Security has some really great moments. The Ultimates hardcover is what really got me cack into comics.


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I hadn't heard much about Millar World before a few days ago but it seems i may have been missing out on a great (?) resource. Most of my comic forum needs have come from CBR, but i'm pretty anxious to check out the new Millar World site on 7.1 (the current one is already closed down) after reading this article/interview over at newsarama. The new monthly online mag actually sounds pretty cool too. Can anyone give me some insight as to what USED to be at Millar World (and what was so hype about it?).


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Invincible Vol. 1: Family Matters

3 months back into comics and i think i may have already found a favorite writer/author: Mr. Robert Kirkman. The Walking Dead and Invincible are two of my favorite titles right now hands down. I'm having trouble getting enough of either book, even though they are (in most ways) radically different. What's most interesting about it to me personally is that i am not typically a fan of zombie OR kid-gets-powers-and-suffers-related-growing-pains stories, and all of a sudden i'm a huge fan of both. I'm just starting out with both books, so all this gushing may be a bit preamature (i'm through Vol. 2 of The Walking Dead, and just Vol. 1 of Invincible), but i'm certainly impressed with what i've read/seen so far and can hardly wait to dig into the next volume of each. These Kirkman titles (plus The Goon, Conan, Powers, UY, etc.) are the "aren't you glad you got back in it" books for me so far.

But enough Kirkman stroking - let me pen a few thoughts about Family Matters:

Let me start by saying I've always been uber-skeptical of any superhero books outside of Marvel and/or DC. I started hearing about Invincible over at CBR as soon as i got back into comics, but never really thought to give it a chance until a few weeks ago. As a matter of fact, 15 years ago ALL i would read was Marvel or DC (mostly Marvel). I just don't remember there being much "small press" or indy stuff worth anything - but maybe that was just from a kid's point of view. Now it seems the first racks i head for are Dark Horse and Image, Marvel's almost my "filler", and i'm only reading one DC title at the moment (but looking for more).

Anyways that's a topic for another post, another day - back to Invincible: The writing AND the art (pencils and colors) are clean, crisp, and refreshing. It's hard to explain but i just get a good feeling when i'm reading this book. A comfortable feeling. The story has a much lighter feel to it than typical - a break from the brooding, "whoa is me" style that pervades these titles about super-powered teenagers coming into their own (there is definitely a place for that so don't get me wrong, just nice to have a change of pace). I love the fact that Mark's dad is really a super powered being from a utopian planet far, far away, and that Mark and his mom are so non-chalant about it when he's on the news fighting 10 story dragons, or off in an alternate dimension for weeks at a time - lends a kind of coolness to the story that i really appreciate.

Mark's powers finally begin to manifest (after some impatient waiting), and there's only a few pages of "trying them out" (which is a good thing IMO). Kirkman does a good job of showing us some of the things a teenager with new super-powers might have to deal with (misunderstanding best friends, new super-friends, crime fighting, his bs job, family, etc.) without sucumbing to the temptation to go overboard with it and/or drive these points into the ground. There are some great scenes when Mark's dad has the awkward, yet infamous "with great power comes great responsibility" talk w/ him (even though it's only a few panels, it's memorable), and when he takes him to his "special" tailor (who designs super hero costumes) to get outfitted. Mark finds out, by chance, that some of his classmates are also super-powered (including a super-hottie-soon-to-be-love-interest), and teams up with them - Invincible's first team-up - gotta love that. The first villian isn't really a super villain but a pretty good first "adventure"... i didn't mind it even if it was a bit corny/predictable having the pissed-off teacher seeking revenge yada, yada, yada. Mark's first adventure with his dad (beating back aliens from another dimension) was a nice touch too... I just love the relationship between these two so far (and yes i've been slightly spoiled by knowing a bit more about where this relationship will go in future volumes than i wish i did :)

Can't wait to get my hands on Vol. 2 or the HC (anyone know exactly which volumes that covers? is it just 1 and 2 or 1-3?). Since i have kind of a clue where Mark's relationship w/ his dad is headed - i'm pumped to find out the particulars.

And i gotta say it one more time - it's titles like this one (and writers like Kirkman) that have me excited to be back after 15 long years. I love the feeling of "damn i've been missing all this?".

PS one thing that does bother me is those horrible goggles Mark wears as part of his costume (before i knew what his powers were i figured he had some sort of insect thing going on). IMO Walker should ditch these for a standard eye sheild or mask or something, but what do i know?


30 June, 2005 09:37, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

What is the one DC book that you're reading? If it's not Gotham Central, you should add that to your list. It's the best thing that DC is publishing these days. There are a couple of trades collecting the early issues.

Also there's Alan Moore's Promethea which just finished a few months ago; it's collected into five volumes.

30 June, 2005 09:43, Blogger zilla said...

nice dave thanks. the one title i'm reading (even though it's a bit weird so far but i like the art) is loeb's superman/batman. i'll pick up the first gotham central trade too... what's "promethea" about?

30 June, 2005 15:05, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

Here's the description of Promethea of the the DC/Wildstorm site:

"Sophie Bangs was a just an ordinary college student in a weirdly futuristic New York when a simple assignment changed her life forever. While researching Promethea, a mythical warrior woman, Sophie receives a cryptic warning to cease her investigations. Ignoring the cautionary notice, she continues her studies and is almost killed by a shadowy creature when she learns the secret of Promethea. Surviving the encounter, Sophie soon finds herself transformed into Promethea, the living embodiment of the imagination. Her trials have only begun as she must master the secrets of her predecessors before she is destroyed by Promethea's ancient enemy."

The series goes on to explore metaphysics, metafiction, philosophy, and eschatology. Plus there's fantastic art by J. H. Williams III & Mick Grey.

30 June, 2005 15:25, Blogger zilla said...

yeah i read that description - definitely sounds interesting. i don't have much to get at the LCS today so maybe i'll head out later and see if they don't have the first trade... always looking for good stuff i missed (it's hard sorting through the "good" versus the "mainstream" when you've been out of action 15 years). thanks.


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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

One of the Funniest Things I've Read in a Long While...

This has zero to do with comics but everything to do with laughing your tail off. The link below will take you to a real life complaint that an airline passenger wrote about his seat next to the lav. Seriously it is side-splitting funny. Check it out here (it's a PDF so hopefully you have acrobat reader installed).


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Oh What an Empty Feeling...

This is the first wednesday in my 3 months back into comics that i didn't go to my LCS and pick up a stack of monthlies. CONAN #17, USAGI YOHIMBO #85, and SAMURAI HEAVEN AND EARTH #5 (or #4 for that matter) didn't come out as originally expected (correct me if i'm wrong here!!), and there wasn't really anything else for me this week. I kind of enjoyed HELLIONS #1 a couple of weeks ago but have all but decided to just wait for the trade on that one if i read it at all (even though rock slide is a cool character IMO). The new YOUNG AVENGERS is sitting over there but i haven't quite been able to get into that one yet after a few test issues (even though i know people in general are raving about it). Now rest assured - I do have a long laundry list of TPB's i'm about to order online (and a few already in the mail) but i wasn't about to pick up any of those at cover price (even though i def undertand the arguement of supporting your local shops and do as often as possible)... Here's to next week getting here yesterday-ish.


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The First of My Gushing Genndy T Posts

I love me some Genndy Tartakovsky, seems like everything he touches in the cartoon world turns to gold. He's far and away my favorite cartoon "guy" at the moment and i can only hope he has something new in the works since Clone Wars Adventures. Let's kick off this series of posts (probably coming over the next few days/weeks) by talking Samurai Jack. Anyone who enjoys comics, cartoons, samurai's, epic adventure, witty humor, excellent production/direction, etc. (!!) should def give this one a spin in the old DVD player.

Quick background for anyone not familiar: The series starts with Samurai Jack as a little kid. His homeland is taken over by an evil shape-shifting wizard named Aku. Aku captures and enslaves Jack's father (who originally defeated and trapped Aku years before). With the help of his mother, jack escapes just in time, sails to distant lands and trains under many different masters in many different styles (classic so far huh?). Eventually, Jack becomes skilled as a great samurai warrior and seeks out Aku to kill him and free his captive father using a magical sword entrusted to him by his father when he escaped. During the battle, as Aku is nearly defeated, he tricks Jack and hurls him into a portal leading into the future. Aku's future is one in which he rules all, and Jack's mission is to some how find his way back to his own time (feudal era japan) and defeat Aku once and for all. Brief and to the point but you get the picture.

Ok now my thoughts: The art in Sam Jack is def simplistic - but it works. really well. perfectly IMO. Characters have little detail (backgrounds even less) but surprisingly this takes nothing away from the fact that the visuals are just plain satisfying and give the entire toon a very unique/cool feel. i mean you really won't believe some of the action sequences. they are awesome to say the least. choreographed to perfection. the scripts are usually lighter on talking and heavier on ass-kicking action (even though the writing/dialogue is great stuff for sure). I saw an interview w/ Genndy once where he said he wanted to do a samurai story in the future for two primary reasons:

  1. So that he could still put down a ton of violence/ass whupping w/o blood squirting everywhere (since this toon really is for general audience). And you know what? The plan plays out perfectly - there's plenty of chopping of limbs, off w/ heads, and squirting machine fluids.

  2. He wanted creative liberty to write stories for Jack about anything and everything. Just watch one episode and you get an insight into just how quirky and off-the-wall Genndy's humor/imagination really are. It's so damn refreshing though - you never know really what you're going to get with each episode (besides a morally correct sam jack, aku's minions, and 75% screen time taken up with awesome scenes of sam whuppin' ass). I mean there's talking dog's that wear clothes, vikings, a great kilted scottsman, and so much else you won't even believe.

This is seriously one of the most well produced/directed cartoons i've ever seen. Genndy makes incredible use of split screens, montages, and flashbacks to really draw you into the story/action. There's tons of great japanese style meditation/introspection (and that sort of ancient japanese feel to Jack's dialogue/approach), and some genuinely humorous moments every episode. I can watch some of these over and over (and do). #1 is classic with the background story and Jack's transformation from timid youth to fearless samurai, #3 has an epic battle scene (i mean truly epic) with Aku's spider minions (and there are talking, monacle wearing dogs in it!), #7 pits Jack against 3 blind archers defending a mysterious tower concealing a wishing well... the list goes on and on. Think of this as kind of like the old Kung Fu TV series, Jack wanders around trying to find a way back to the past, but ends up stopping every-which-where along the way to help save people/animals/alien types or even entire races, villages/towns/cities, and/or the world :)

Not to mention Aku is a very, very cool bad guy.

Do yourself a huge favor and pick up season 1 (at the very least - season 2 is also out) on DVD... you'll never look back. let me know what you think (old fan or noob).


29 June, 2005 19:33, Blogger El Snoozo said...

Samurai Jack was great both in style and the way they told stories..Most cartoons have to have something happen almost all the time, but Jack actually pushed a lot of moments by using scenes that just depicted silence and visuals.

I think this is the area however where people love or hate Jack..Some people look at say " What the hell is going on?..How many times to we have to hear a waterfall of tree leaves blowing ?"

He seemed to tone down these moments for Clone Wars, but I always found so much "cool" even in those still moments.

29 June, 2005 19:56, Blogger zilla said...

i can't agree w/ you more. as a matter of fact this is one of the things i love most about sam jack's style. the music and sound effects (which i'm now realizing i forgot to mention in my original post) are often simple but also highly effective IMO. there's so much too sam jack on a level above "cartoon" - i think that's why i enjoy it so much :)

29 June, 2005 19:57, Blogger zilla said...

*to not *too (above)


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Hellboy Vol.2: Wake the Devil (I'm officially on the HB BW now...)

To be honest, after such a long layoff i had never even HEARD of hellboy until the movie came out (all comic regulars begin throwing rotten veggies now). I never did actually see the movie (until last night - seriously!), but the chatter about this title, it's writer Mike Mignola, and the uber coolness it supposedly exudes since i've been back got me hype to read at least one of the trades and see what i thought. So i picked up Vol. 2: Wake the Devil a few weeks ago and just got around to reading it the second time last night (i definitely needed that second read, but more on that later).

First question you may ask is why did i start w/ Vol. 2 instead of Vol. 1? A trustable comics source of mine told me that Mignola didn't write the first one, and so the series really didn't get going well until Vol. 2 when Mike took over full responsbility... Good enough for me, starting w/ #2 it is.

One thing i learned right off the bat is this is not your typical low-brow comic book (not that comic books are typically low brow mind you but you'll get where i'm going with this soon). Mike has a real "thinking man's" way of authoring hellboy, and there are a lot of obscure (and some not so obscure) historical and mythological references sprinkled like... well... sprinkles throughout. I certainly don't mind it, i love me some history and the tie in's really make it interesting for me personally. All said and done though - you really need to READ this title - skimming and/or speed flipping will not do. I was totally confused (well not totally i'm only half a homer usually) the first time through, but i read it the second time much slower and was able to really comprehend what a cool story it was. Let me say that i REALLY enjoyed it the second time, after kind of not knowing what the hell i thought the first time through.

I do have one gripe though about the art - Hellboy is one hell (no pun intended) of a cool character, and i can't wait to read Vol. 3, but why does mike have to draw his legs so damn spindly? i mean the dude is a pure beast from the waste up but in some frames he has these teeny-tiny legs. i'm lame i know. i have heard (over at CBR and elsewhere) that the art matures a good deal as the series rolls on so maybe my one complaint will evaporate a few volumes from now :)

PS anyone else think that Prof. Kate Carrigan is secretly Deena from Powers (a character i love)? HA!!! Not in the way she's written per se - but damn they look like clones in the first few pages of this trade, even down to the way the different artists draw/color them :)

FINAL VERDICT: I'll be picking up Vol. 3 shortly. I'm still undecided if i need to go back and read Vol. 1: Seeds of Desctuction (i think that's what its called). Anyone got any advice on that for me?


29 June, 2005 10:16, Blogger zilla said...

PPS - just in case you're wondering since i didn't say much about it in my post, but the movie version of hellboy didn't do it for me really - can't really put my finger on why just didn't think it was all that great...

29 June, 2005 15:20, Blogger Mark Fossen said...

You probably don't need to read Seeds Of Destruction, as hellboy really kinda stays self-contained. There's a continuity, but you can really pick up anythingand read it without too much backstory - it's one of the best things about the comic.

That said, you should read all the Hellboy you can get your hands on. It's all top-notch stuff, in my book.


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Thoughts on Image's Sept Solicitations...

Ah the final of my three "Throughts on Publisher X's Sept Solicitations...". This one will be easy, there are only 3 i'm interested in (at the moment):

INVINCIBLE VOL. 5 FACTS OF LIFE - I'm the new president of the Robert Kirkman fan club. I've only read the first Invincible TPB so far but 2, 3, and 4 will be long read by the time this #5 hits the shelves. Can't wait to read #2 (and here's to this title keeping my interest until #5 DOES come out :)

RONIN HOOD OF THE 47 SAMURAI - I'm a samurai junky so i'll be buying this one, plus i hear that Craig Rousseau is a beast.

FERRO CITY #2 - keep hearing about this one and the preview pages i've seen definitely piqued my interest... i'll be picking up #1 to decide if i'm waiting for trade or skating right along into #2 here in sept. Fingers crossed.


29 June, 2005 13:18, Blogger Greg said...

Is Ronin Hood from Image? On FCBD it was from Beckett. I don't know if you picked it up, but it's not bad, just a bit standard. Robin Hood in Japan. Fine and dandy, but nothing spectacularly different.

29 June, 2005 13:41, Blogger zilla said...

you're right greg - it is from beckett not image... i kind of love all things samurai so thought i'd pick this up in trade in sept (deep discount). what did you get the free whatever issue they were giving out a few weeks ago? i missed that...


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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

We've Found a Third Member for our Un-named Organization

Ok first there was the excellently entertaining Return to Comics, then there was Zilla's Journal (you're there), and now there's another who was back on the wagon for a while but couldn't resist the sweet song of the addiction: Check out Mark Fossen's Focused Totality. Mark's been away from comics a mere 5 years (a young'in by my standards since i was lost for 15 (j/k MF). Mark's blog just started today-ish so give him some time to ramp up - he's no stranger to the blogging game though so i expect good stuff. At the very least we have a new member of our secret addicts-back-off-the-wagon club (see Return to Comics 6.24 post for details). Welcome to the club Mark, i figure at least the 3 of us can comment all over each others blogs :)

and you know what? maybe this is saying good things about the industry these days (on a very small scale obviously but still!), us 30-something's who had given up for a time are heading back into the fold...


29 June, 2005 01:36, Blogger Mark Fossen said...

Thanks for the shout out, Zilla!

I think "Comics' Prodigal Sons" is a great name for our unnamed club.

I can't tell if it's a good thing or bad that comics' new readers aren't "new" at all ....

29 June, 2005 07:45, Blogger zilla said...

I'm all for "Comics' Prodigal Sons" (great name) but then i heard we may have a new female member... TBD?

29 June, 2005 14:40, Anonymous Kurt said...

Maybe "Comics' Prodigal Ones" instead? Or how about "Three Guys, a Gal, and Some Comics"? Scratch that, too specific. We'd be forever updating the logo.


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Hmmm... What to Pick Up This Week?

Jeez there is absolutely NOTHING of value for me (that i know about - i'm sincerely hoping this list i got this from was incomplete) this week. Even the few i have listed below are mercy pick-ups that i was either waiting for the trade on or planning to skip all together. Zilla's weekly spending spree might be a bit tame this week... Unless of course the titles i originally thought were coming out (listed as "MIA" below) actually make the stands...



MIA: SAMURAI HEAVEN AND EARTH #5 (did #4 even come out yet???)

NEW X-MEN HELLIONS #2 - had been planning to wait for the trade on this one but this week is SOO friggin' light i might snag this to have something to read :)

YOUNG AVENGERS #5 - See comments for hellions above. I know this title gets a lot of hype but i haven't really caught interest in it (picked up the last issue). should prob give it one more try.

FORGOTTEN REALMS DARK ELF HOMELAND CVR A #1 (OF 3) - man i loved these books before some of the later volumes jumped the shark, so i'm sure i'll at least flip through this one and check it out.

HUSTLER BARELY LEGAL - JUST KIDDING! Seriously i'm married and my wife would kill me... plus i'm no perv (or chester) - just threw this one in there for laughs... i swear. honest.


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Justice League Unlimited: "Question Authority"

Ever since Genndy Tartakovsky's work appeard to me i've been watching cartoon network again (that guy is a genius)... I guess us comic book guys typically have other childhood vices like video games and cartoons - so this probably will not be the last cartoon review i post on my blog :) Without Samurai Jack or Clone Wars Adventures running episodes (CN is not even playing reruns of these the bastards!), i've been looking for some other good stuff... heard about Justice League Unlimited through the proverbial grapevine, added it to my tivo list w/ Teen Titans, Samurai Champloo and Juniper Lee, and def like what i've seen so far... Just checked out a tivo'd episode "Question Authority" and thought i'd puke a few thoughts.

Superman and Captain Atom open this episode beating down some dude from another dimension (eventually ending w/ Cap Atom blasting him back home through an open portal). There's a little attention played to Superman and Lois Lane's relationship (they looooooove each other). Atoms is then confronted by his old Air Force general with orders forcing him to choose committment to the Justice League or rejoin the armed forces (as you shall see this becomes important later).

But on to the meat of the story: Lex Luthor's cancer dissappears (he got it from kryptonite poisoning). There are a ton of references made to the "other world"/alternate reality introduced in a previous episode where luthor becomes president (and is ultimately killed by a bizarro (not THE bizarro from back in the day) version of Superman, member of a alternate reality Justice League called the Justice Lords). super-computer models show that if the JL battles the government it triggers an armageddon. Question (who is this cat??) hacks into Luthor's computer system and learns some bad shit (that luthor is running for president in our reality similar to he did in the alternate). He becomes desperate to stop this end-of-the-world event from happening in our reality as it did in the alternate universe. He confronts luthor in an attempt to kill him so superman can't (triggering the events leading to armageddon by pitting the JL against the U.S. gov't), but instead Luthor whups up on him and then tells him his run for president is really just a cover for a much more sinister plan. After beating Question down, Luthor has his mad torture master crony go to work on Question and try and figure out everything he knows about Luthor's plan (exactly what he stole from Luthor's computers). Superman and Huntress rescue the Question - only to find out that Captain Atom has taken his orders to rejoin the Air Force - and confronts them as they are leaving w/ Question - claiming he has orders to stop them... oh the battle that will ensue next episode (we hope). those tricky cliff hangers.

All in all i'm pretty happy with this toon - i'm def keeping it on my tivo (new episodes) so i can keep up with it... nice - there's been a cartoon drought for a while (almost) IMO. The art and writing are good to go. Not a bad group of characters either (lots of variety to choose from between episodes).


28 June, 2005 17:06, Blogger El Snoozo said...

This was a great episode..Part of me wishes that Unlimited had the whole 2 part half hour episodes ( which came out to an hour ) that last seasons Justice League had. With so many more characters kicking ass, it would have made the stories even more rich.

This episode reminded me a lot of the whole Jeph Loeb Superman/ Batman arc they had going in the first few issues where they were intent on removing Lex from office..lex had the members of the Justice League, try to stop Bats and Supes.

23 November, 2005 10:11, Anonymous Lonnie Klamm said...

Super work performed.


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Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.


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Ultimate Spider-Man - Game Worth Buying/Renting/Playing?

Damn does this game look cool... and as if tugging directly on my heart-strings it even LOOKS like it's animated by Humberto Ramos (its not). I've been reading a lot of good previews of this game (coming out on all major consoles as far as i can tell, except the PSP (pissed!!). you even get to play as BOTH spidey and venom over the course of the adventure, and the "world" the game takes place in (essentially NYC) supposedly will allow you to pretty much swing around and go wherever you please fighting crime. could very well be the new cats ass of comic -> video game translations. check out the new robotic take on rhino - i may be even a little impressed w/ that! but, as we all know - the proof is in the gameplay so we'll def have to see. 9.13.2005 release.

For more info there's an excellent preview at IGN. Check it out i you're even slightly interested...


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Humberto Ramos and Revelations

As anyone who's been reading my blogs over the last week (since it's inception really) knows, i'm a card-carrying member of Humberto Ramos' fan club. One of my most anticipated books for the summer (of many i must admit) is the DH title Revelations. Ramos is once agained teamed up w/ Jenkins (both recently on Spec Spidey before it retired), and the two of them make a great team IMO. There's an article at Newsarama today with a bit more info than was previously released, including covers for issue's #3 and #4 (and even a handy link to the previously released stuff in case you missed it - and interview, and 6 preview pages from #1). issue #1 preview pages look/read great to me. Ramos art has come a LONG way IMO since i first noticed him in Peter Parker Spider-Man: Return of the Green Goblin (which i didn't enjoy very much due the story but se la vie). Countdown and the previous TPB (forget the name but the one w/ a very cool eddie brock/venom) were both stellar and Ramos' art improved in each. From what i can tell in Revelations, it seems to have matured even further - and i'm loving it all the more. Keep it up Humberto (wonder what this guys nick name is?).


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Thoughts on Dark Horse's Sept Solicitations...

Ok i went through marvel yesterday so i might as well hit dark horse today (you won't see DC tomorrow since i don't really read any DC titles right now except loeb's superman/batman, but i may do image).

CONAN: THE GOD IN THE BOWL AND OTHER STORIES TPB - cannot WAIT for this. just finished the first TPB a few days ago and man do i love me some conan w/ this artist/writer team.

CONAN #20 - see above. i'm following the current stuff at the same time i'm catching up w/ the TPB's.

THE GOON: FANCY PANTS EDITION HC - The Goon is probably my favorite title right now so i'm not sure i'll be able to resist picking this up... especially at the deep discount i'll get from the mailordercomics previews. Count me in for THE GOON #14 too for sure.

FRANK MILLER’S SIN CITY LIBRARY I HC - while we're talking fancy HC's, there's this sin city collection. wow! and double wow at the $150 price tag.

REVELATIONS #2 (of 6) - you've probably picked up from some of my ealier posts that i love me some humberto ramos pencils so i'm all over this title. i'm really, really hoping this one rocks. this might even be a read-the-monthlies-then-buy-the-trade-then-dump-the-monthlies title for me.

SAMURAI: HEAVEN AND EARTH TPB - I've really enjoyed the first 3 issues of this title (some of the best art i've seen since i've been back). i'm pretty sure i'll be jumping at this trade for my bookshelf - good reread value for sure.

STAR WARS: EMPIRE #37 and/or STAR WARS: REPUBLIC #81 - i've been desperately looking for somewhere to jump into a star wars title... folks over at CBR have recommended empire and repbulic - sooner or later i'll decide on one of these titles and give it a chance... hopefully by the time these come out i'll have picked one.

USAGI YOJIMBO #87 - As long as stan keeps this going - i'll be buying it. i loved this when i was a kid reading comics - and came back 15 years later and its still going strong and as enjoyable as ever. can't beat that!!!


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Monday, June 27, 2005

Is Battle Pope for Real?

I couldn't believe at first that Battle Pope was a real title... but once i found out it was Kirkman, my interest was peaked to say the least (i'm a huge fan of his work on The Walking Dead and Invincible). Today i stumbled across this article over at Newsarama talking briefly about #1 coming out 7/6. there's a few very cool looking preview pages that are definitely worth checking out... the new color guy they got to work on this seems pretty on point IMO.

i can't wait to read the first issue of this (the humor seems like it might be right up my alley), tho i'm not easily offended - even when the jokes hit home they can still make me laugh. My wife is catholic but definitely has a great (albeit quirky) sense of humor (think The Goon) - i wonder what she'll think? Here's to hoping Kirkman hits another one out of the park for my pleasure (even though this is a reprint/recolor of his originally self-published indy title so prob only new to me). Anyone read the originals that's willing to comment?

PS anyone know what's up with kirkman's website? i found it a while ago but everytime i go there its just a wild shaking kirkman.com logo (no way to click through or anything that i can tell). am i a homer or is it under construction or what??


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Meth Mouth?

WARNING: No matter how many comics you have to read, or how fast you want to read them - DO NOT take meth. HA - sometimes i'm so far behind i wish i could speed read - but not at this price. I stumbled across this article in the NY times (registration required) on a condition called "meth mouth". kids - pay close attention.


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Thoughts on Marvel's Sept Solicitations...

Ok this is my first "thoughts on whoever's whatever month solicitations" so time will tell if this is a recurring post. hard to think all the way ahead to sept here in june... but let's give it a go:

HOUSE OF M #7 and SPIDEY HOUSE OF M #4 - hopefully i won't have given up on the whole "house of m" thing by the time these issues come out. this summer fun seems to be aimed at hardcore fans who have been around a while - and since i'm still "catching up" this whole event is hard to follow at times.

INCREDIBLE HULK #86 - i know this is a house of m tie in (near the tail end of one by this issue at least) but i'm trying to get back into my child hood favorite - the big green. someone somewhere (can't remember where but i'm sure it was over at CBR) told me to jump back onboard w/ #83 - so that's what i'm going to do.

HULK: DESTRUCTION #3 - huge hulk fan (even if every issue i've read since i've been back has confused the hell out of me) - so i'm def picking this up.

ULTIMATE X-MEN #63 and ULTIMATE SPIDEY #82 - mainstays for me (at least for now) so i'll be getting these.

GHOST RIDER #1 - kind of hype about this one - hope its worth all the press its been getting. def has potential to be very cool.

NEW AVENGERS #11 - even though i feel the character mix awkward when i read this book - i'm still drawn to it for some reason (maybe its the great art/writing?). the cover they're floating around for this #11 looks so bad ass (and the introduction of a new character called RONIN) - i'm sold. NOTE: Heard a rumor this "new" guy might just be daredevil in a new costume... let's hope not (for my sake at least).

DEFENDERS #3 - i'm holding out high hopes for this mini. two of my all time favorites - hulk and silver surfer. here's to me still reading it by #3.

THOR: BLOOD OATH #1 - i'm all over this. pretty excited about it considering there's nothing else thor at the moment until he wakes up from his dirt nap. How'd he die anyways?

X-MEN COLOSSUS: BLOODLINE #1 - one of my favorite all time x-men (i guess you can start to tell i like the brawlers). i have no idea how he died, how he came back or what but i plan to find out before this comes out... looking forward to it but may just get the TPB.

WEAPON X: DAYS OF FUTURE NOW #3 - wait for trade?

CABLE & DP #19 and #20 - this is one of those titles i've been loving and can't really put my finger on why... can't think of any reason i won't be reading this (still) come sept.


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Ebay for Comics?

Back during my first love affair with comics, there was no such thing as the internet (well not really) and definitely no eBay. I've used eBay tons (buying and selling) since it's inception, but usually for bigger ticket items like electronics. Always had a great experience - and def feel like i've gotten some great deals (buying AND selling).

As my comics addiction flared back up, i started wondering how eBay fits into it all. Seems to me that eBay is a great place to plug holes in your collection - if you need to hunt down a particular issue, or are looking for a rare collectible or autographed copy, there may not be a better place to do it. Unfortunately once you tack on shipping, you're not saving near as much as you think you are at first glance - unless you buy "runs" (sequential issues/blocks of the same title). I have to wonder though - how do you know what you'll be getting? Comic sellers on eBay typically assign some sort of familiar ranking like "Very Fine" or "Near Mint" but hard to take that at any value since its who-knows-who's opinion. If you're only interested in reading the comics you buy (like me) and not too worried about "collecting" them, this isn't really much of an issue (unless of course the book is falling apart or missing pages), but i'm sure some people out there get a lot of heartburn over this. Graphic novels are a similar story, but you can find a lot more "new"/unread copies than w/ some of the older comics (obviously since the TPB's are often still in print).

In my investigation though - i rarely found a deal any better than mile high, vision comix, or instocktrades.com (deepest discounts i've come across), or even amazon.com, especially when you throw in the "free shipping on all orders over $xx" that all of these sites offer. Not to mention the fact that you can be guaranteed some reasonable customer service (one would hope), and that's always a crap shoot on ebay... I guess the moral of the story is that eBay definitely plays a role, but i'm just not sure how it will fit into my personal comics universe - yet.

I do have a few boxes of bagged/boarded old comics (yeah from 15 YEARS ago) that i may dig out of mom's basement and try and move in runs on ebay (if i don't keep/read, donate, trade, or otherwise unload)... Do me a favor and drop a comment if you have any eBay comics buying/selling experience and clue me in... thanks.


27 June, 2005 14:01, Anonymous Mark Fossen said...

I've bought and sold a *lot* of runs on ebay. Last time I was in comics, I bought lots of back isues that way .... then sold them all when I got out. I completely agree that the shipping kind of kills any value in single issues, but getting huge runs is fun.
For trade paperbacks, I also recommend overstock.com. The prices usually beat Amazon by a small margin, and shipping is dirt cheap.

27 June, 2005 23:31, Anonymous Kurt said...

I've been pretty happy with eBay - largely when I buy the books in lots though. Every now and then I scoop up an amazing deal on TP's or a run of some odd thing.

I'll have to give InStockTrades a go - that's an amazing discount.


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Battle Royale... A++

I know some of you won't believe this but i never got around to watching this movie until yesterday - even as much as i've heard about it the last few years. I finally put it in my netflix queue, and came back from the after-wedding brunch yesterday to find it in my mailbox. My wife and i were (are) battling colossal hangovers and decided to order in chinese (fitting?) and watch Battle Royale.

There's a ton of dedicated websites w/ mind-numbingly thorough reviews of this movie out on the net so i'm definitely going to keep this brief - but damn is this a cool movie or what? Director Kinji Fukasaku does an outstanding job w/ this flik, and i was hype to see Go Go (from Kill Bill Vol. 1 fame) playing a part. Go Go was such a cool character in such a cool scene in Kill Bill IMO.
The rest of the cast i'd never seen or heard of (even though the sensei/teacher looked real familiar to me for some reason - help me out with this if you can via a comment...).

In a lot of ways this movie reminds me of a much cooler, underground version of Running Man (w/ terminator Arnold S). Essentially you have a story about misfit 9th graders in japan being transported to a deserted island for a classic (but rarely tiresome) game of "last boy/girl alive wins" with some Lord of the Flies spice sprinkled in for good measure. There's some wild new federal law passed that serves to explain the existence of the game, and a very, very japanese training video that got more than a chuckle out of my wife.

The script does a great job of covering the gamut of possible reactions/actions if kids were thrown into a situation like this: some totally lose it (emotional responses from sadness to fear to anger to just plain psychosis), some commit suicide rather than willingly murder their classmates (or get murdered BY them), some hope, some hide, some resist. Cliques (read: gangs) form, and we learn a lot about the students previous relationships with each other via well placed, well timed flashbacks. There's even a couple of "transfer" students who signed-up (how's that for brass ones?) for this madness - one taking the role of main villain/psychotic doing-this-for-fun nut job, and the other selfless friend (with a cool past and interesting motives for sure) to our main character Nahanara (?) as he tries to survive and keep his promise to protect a shy classmate.

There is a great twist (one i won't give away here), and in the end it's a cool story loosely about trust, friendship, chivalry, and survival (not to mention a swell look at teenage relationships). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I'm pretty sure this is a "rent-on-netflix-then-buy-on-amazon" movie for me :)


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Back in the Saddle

OK i'm back (although only somewhat recovered) from my brother's wedding this past weekend, and everything went smashingly (i say that last word in my best snotty english accent). My best man speech was a big hit (i took some advice from a thread i started over at CBR and just shot from the hip), even had a few people come up to me and tell me how "natural" a public speaker i was w/ a knack for comedic timing! Maybe i missed my true calling... ugh... no. Anyways - things will get back to normal for me starting today... i can actually get back to reading comics after the longest layoff (4 days) since my return a few months ago. Very excited! More soon... Today i'd like to get out a post about "regular" readers/collectors buying/selling on ebay, my very brief thoughts on the sept marvel solicitations, some banter about "battle royale" which i saw for the first time last night, and whatever else comes along (hopefully i'll get a few minutes to finish the brilliant first Conan trade i've been enjoying).


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Friday, June 24, 2005

Ready for the New Magneto Mini After House of M?

mattbib over at CBR is asking for a drawing of magneto - and one of the "submissions" (if you can call them that in this informal case) really caught my eye - i'm still laughing. GREAT work courtesy of Runaway. And i leave you with this as i head to the rehearsal dinner... hope you enjoy it as much as i did/do/will :)


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Fantastic Four the Movie... Beast or Bust?

There's a thread over at CBR debating this point as i type this. I for one am not a big fan of comic --> small or big screen translations. There's too much that gets left out so that an appeal can be made to a wide audience in a limited amount of time... hard to tell a story in 2 hours that has been going on... oh... how long? spider-man (1 and 2) were good, so don't get me wrong it works SOMETIMES, just not very often (IMO). As i said in my reply to the post, I'm not saying this movie will do badly in the box office, but that doesn't mean it will be any good. History has proven time and again that box office sales don't necessarily mean much in terms of quality (to me at least) - just mass appeal.

Jessica Alba is WAY hot but i'm not sure i'm buying her acting skills - especially in this role. And big ben? the Thing is made of rock not lumpy brown foam rubber (that costume is horrible!). He's one of my favorite all-time characters (i love the brawlers) so i'm especially dissapointed in that designer's ideas of how the thing would look in "real" life. Seems to me they could have done a better job w/ that one... i mean it looks like a dude in a padded brown rubber suit in the trailers. weak.

This is definitely a netflix movie for me - and i promise i won't go into it w/ any real pre-conceptions (even after writing this post i swear!) - but let's just say i have a bad feeling. Maybe i'm just dissapointed in the current run of FF books... can we get two good UFF issues in a row?

ps i'm reserving judgement on batman begins because i actually think that looks pretty good - and a grittier batman is exactly what i want to see... and on the new superman movie. not sure yet i'm buying that clown they picked to play him - but i haven't seen any trailors or anything so i'll w/h judgement on that one for a bit (here's to hoping it's good).


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Little brother gettin' hitched...

zero to do with comics: My little brother is getting married this weekend!! congrats to ryan and his lovely new soon-to-be wifey melissa. i'm the best man so starting tonight w/ the rehersal dinner i will be pretty crazy busy all weekend and not able to keep up with my posts as much as i would like... def have some good stuff in the works though - i'll try and get them up sunday night/monday morning-ish.

i've been married four years - and i keep telling the kid - you need to hook it up like that runaway bride lady did - you could be the first nationally known runaway groom. makes me think of a great story my dad told me: the night before his wedding, his rugby buddies took him out drinking and got him totally hammered - then they tried to put him on an overnight bus to mexico so he'd miss his wedding (we lived in san antonio at the time)! it never happened though - and he made it - been married to me ma for 28 years now (yeah i'm 30... so what?).


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Are X-Books Totally Losing It?

I must say i agree with just about every word of Return to Comics latest post about Uncanny X-men. It's almost impossible to keep up w/ all the X-happenings these days w/o reading those websites (and there are several) devoted strictly to following it all - especially if you've been out of the loop a while. Sometimes i feel like even if i wanted to stay abreast of it all i'd have to spend a fortune buying/reading 10 different titles just so i didn't have 50 questions w/ each issue of X-whatever i read. Since i've been back off the wagon reading comics, the X-stuff has been the biggest let down - I have such fond memories of all things X from 15 years ago (before my hiatus) and had SUCH high hopes for X-men and its spin-off titles when i returned. bummer. I thought at first it was just my taste that had changed between 15 and 30, but then i read some of my back issues.

That being said - i do enjoy me some Ultimate X-Men and i have some small amount of faith (well let's call it hope rather than faith) that Marvel can reboot a lot of what needs rebooting w/ some of these X-titles after House of M - if they'll only take the plunge and make it happen. Collectively, we shall see.

side note: does it get on anyone else's nerves how everything is "X dash whatever"? i know i'm a hypocrite, its so abnoxiously "normal" that i used it myself like 10 times in this post w/o even realizing it until i was reading it over before submitting it. i know, i know, i'm a homer.


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Mailordercomics.com Getting a Makeover

I found out from Mike (the owner of mailordercomics.com) that they are in the midst of renovating the back issue section of their website for release in july (july 1 i think?). Just thought some of you loyal customers might be interested... they really do have a great service going there, and mike is very, very cool (he'll respond to email all day long - very quickly and patiently). good people, great service, unbeatable prices, and soon to be new and improved back issue section of their website ;)


24 June, 2005 08:26, Blogger Crew Koos said...

Good blog !
Congratulations !!

24 June, 2005 08:33, Blogger zilla said...

thanks crew koos - keep reading and let me know if you have any suggestions on how i can improve it (i'm a noob at this) - or if you ever want to contribute!!

27 June, 2005 11:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm just starting with mailordercomics, myself. Really like the customer service I've seen so far.

How are you getting reviews up so fast when you're doing mail order, though? You have reviews up the day after release day ....

27 June, 2005 12:04, Blogger zilla said...

i've just started w/ mailordercomics this month (w/ the june previews) so i won't get on their schedule technically until august... you bring up a good point though - not sure what i will do then. i'm getting my orders from them 2x a month.

27 June, 2005 12:10, Blogger zilla said...

ps thanks for reading my blog. you'll probably find that most of my reviews are of stuff that's been out a while (since i'm 15 years behind).

27 June, 2005 13:39, Anonymous Mark Fossen said...

I'm only 5 years behind .... found you through "Return to Comics" this morning. Us old returnees need to stick together. :)

The August comics are my first, as well. I popped for weekly priority Mail, because I know I'm a very impatient person ....

27 June, 2005 13:44, Blogger zilla said...

i'm with you man - we do need to stick together and it's great to have guys to talk to w/ the same perspective. email me zilla22mail-misc@yahoo.com so we can get in touch. if you're ever interested in posting to my blog i'd LOVE to have a contributer.


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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Zilla's June Previews Shopping Cart

Here's a look at my mailordercomics.com shopping cart for the june previews... I'm not posting this because i think anyone really cares what i'm buying, but thought someone out there might be able to give me some ideas of stuff i'm missing? especially TPB's/HC's (my pull list of monthlies is pretty set right now)... and who knows i might have something on here you accidentally slept on too:

Free Previews Catalog
REVELATIONS #1 - hype about this one.
CONAN #19 (MR) - as long as this team stays together i'll keep buying these...
USAGI YOJIMBO #86 - pull list.
STAR WARS CLONE WARS ADVENTURES VOL 4 TP - reminds me of my beloved genndy cartoon series.
SUPERMAN BATMAN #22 - pull list (even though it's been pretty weird lately).
WATCHMEN TP NEW PTG - never read this (can you believe it?).
FERRO CITY #1 - taking a chance on this one - but seems cool.
GUN FU TP - can't wait.
HOUSE OF M #5 (Of 8)
HOUSE OF M #6 (Of 8)
INCREDIBLE HULK #85 - pull list.
ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #81 - pull list.
ULTIMATE X-MEN #62 - pull list.
WOLVERINE #31 (MR) - pull list.
DEFENDERS #2 (Of 5) - kind of hype about this title - betting #1 will be good and grabbing #2 here.
CABLE DEADPOOL #18 - pull list.
POWERS #14 (MR) - pull list.
WOLVERINE SOULTAKER TP - read #1 and liked it - decided to wait for the trade and here it is.
STORMBREAKER SAGA OF BETA RAY BILL TP - buying on recommendation from CBR.
EL ARSENAL #2 (Of 3) (MR) - same as defenders #2, betting #1 will be good. may take this one out - game time decision.
SHAOLIN COWBOY #5 - pull list. not much story but great to look at.


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Weekly Spending Spree: 6/22

Ah my favorite day of the week - wednesdays!

NEW AVENGERS #6 - our heros discover a rogue faction of S.H.I.E.L.D (I hate typing that w/ all the periods in between every letter, but i digress) using the indiginous peoples of the savage land to mine vibranium for use in WMDs. In addition, this S.H.I.E.L.D splinter cell has been tampering w/ databases to mark certain super powered criminals dead while they stockpile them somewhere (building an army of super-powered villians w/ super-vibranium-powered weapons).

First off, let me remind you that this is only the second issue of New Avengers that i've read - but i'm starting to catch on (so correct me if i'm wrong on anything until i can get the trade). The pencils and coloring are BEAUTIFUL in this title - it takes me about 2x as long to read as most of my books because of the detail (and staring). The writing is great (Bendis really deserves all the hype he gets IMO). The last page (and panels) are very, very cool.

Gripes: Am i the only person in the world who reads comics who can't really stand Captain America? i have NO idea why but the guy just gets on my nerves no matter who writes him. I remember thinking he was way cool when i was a kid but i've outgrown him i guess (if that's possible). Maybe it's only temporary. I'm not a huge fan of Spider-Woman - it's not the way she's written but the way she looks i guess... and lastly - even though he's one of my all time favorite characters (and he is def his witty spidey self in this title) he just seems so out of place here w/ this crew... I do love him though, and wolvering, and iron-man - so that (and the story) will keep me going to issue #7 for sure.

Oh yeah one last question you guys can help me with (and remember i've been away a while so go easy on a brother) - who's the black dude and what's his story? they don't call him by name once this issue and he doesn't really display and powers/abilities that i can tell...

ULTIMATE X-MEN #60 - This wolvering and storm (ororo) match-up is one i never really considered before but it's really feeling natural to me. I'm def digging it. Wolvering and Storm are much more interesting in the ultimate books than anywhere else right now... There is an incredible (IMO) centerfold in this issue (no - not THAT kind of centerfold) where storm is launching wolvering into the air on a huge, swirling gust of wind that i couldn't take my eyes off of - great page spanning art work. i really think this guy immonen's pencils are just up my alley. this title is def a keeper on my pull list.

FLAK #1 - Ok, i had been anticipating this one for a while and after reading it - i must say the jury is definitely still out. I'm a bit dissappointed in this first issue - they should have done more to "pull us in". we spend a bit too many pages/frames learning about zoe's boring life, and her bounty hunter training is like 2 frames long (training an everyday joe-shoe into a hunter-killer would probably take like, years). We start to figure out that we're a few years in the future, and that mankind has discovered another dimension (or "other dimension" O.D.). There's a company of misfits with a bounty-hunter startup, zoe's life is so boring and she yearns for something more, finds an ad, and off we go...

The art is fantastic - reminds me a lot of one of my fav's Humberto Ramos, but the writing is a bit goofy at times in this first issue ("bring me some taco's back from the other dimension"?? what's that all about?). I did smile huge at the line "I am programmed to simulate the brawling tactics of the criminal element" when zoe is taking her boxing lessons from a robot. I may wait for the trade on this one... but i'll probably pick up #2 to see where it goes - the scenes in the O.D. (other dimension) are definitely cool - i dig the character (name?) w/ the huge sword, and the first villian is pretty money too - even though he has a chin that would put leno to shame.

HOUSE OF M #2 - I must admit, even though i was duely skeptical at first, the whole alternate reality where mutants are in the majority and "regular" guys/gals are on the verge of becoming extinct is really starting to intrigue me. This issue kind of bounces around and gives you a glimpse of each of our hero's role/life in this second reality, and we start to figure out that wolverine is the only one not totally oblivious to what's going on (but we knew this was coming from all the pre-hype). There is a simply awesome drawing of colossus in here that really got me thinking forward to his upcoming mini - i've always loved colossus. for some reason i've always been partial to the big brawler types (though not exclusively) like hulk, thing, and colossus - hell even crusher creel and juggernaut.

MK SPIDER-MAN #15 - Nothing really spectacular here but the story is rolling along. Not sure how i feel about this new ethan character - we learn a lot about him in this issue - i won't go into detail because it spoils what the writer hopes is a nice surprise. After you read this issue you'll probably be thinking to yourself why isn't DC shaking sticks at marvel for this guy?? (he's so damn similar to one of their main-line characters its hilarious). Guest appearance by the Punisher is pretty money - and for some reason i'm really digging the bounty-hunting combo of crusher creel and this chick he rolls with w/ the throwing stars. Not sure how i feel about the whole "apprentice" thing - might be better for the loose comedy than anything else but we'll see next issue.

SPIDER-MAN HOUSE OF M #1 - Not bad but they could have done SO MUCH more with this and i have to admit i was kind of let down. I had some pretty high expectations for this title so maybe it's just that i was expecting too much. Some of the writing is a bit hokey to me, and spidey's alternate reality feels a bit forced (especially the JJJ stuff), do like petey bald though - he looks a bit more hard-assed. Don't get me wrong though, i mean the issue is not all bad by any stretch, and i'm definitely going to anticipate #2 (especially after the last panel on the last page - it did it's job for me). As a side note though - i'm kind of sick of the green goblin. I know he's an all time fav villian among spidey readers but i've never been a huge fan. we all have our favorite villians just like we have our favorite heros - and the green goblin is pretty low down on my list. that's just me though :)

CONAN #17 - saved this one for last because its one of my favorites. i've loved conan since i was a kid watching the movies/reading the comics w/ my dad - and i'm pretty sure i always will. this newest incarnation is GREAT. everyone should be reading this title. In this issue, conan heads into the city of thieves to make a few coins. He cribs a priceless (temporarily) bowl and needs to find a fence to unload it on since its so well known an artifact that no one will touch it. I absolutely LOVE the first 3 panels in this one, and the classic conan style line "Aye, one man... but a Cimmerian!" when the thugs claim "He's just one man!". Oh gets my blood pumping this conan guy does.

Busiek continues to weave a great tale - and i love his writing style. The story is told as much with narration boxes as it is w/ actual spoken word (since we know conan is a man of few of those). and seriously, could they have picked a better artist than nord to draw this title? everything from the writing to the art just oozes conan. picked up the first trade too - i'll be reading that one asap (i've only read issue #1-3, then picked back up with 15).


ok kids that's all for this week... my little brother's wedding is saturday and i'm his best man... so posts might be a bit light over the weekend but rest assured i'll be back in action come monday (i'm sure i'll find time to squeeze in something between now and then :)

ps in case you're wondering why i didn't pick up the highly anticipated HELLBOY ISLAND #1, i'm going to have to wait for the trade on this mini - the only hellboy i've ever read is Vol. 2 and i'm trying to catch up before i get lost w/ new issues... def a fan tho! also passed on the new ASTRO CITY title - flipped through it and the art didn't really do it for me... i've been reading good reviews though so i'll prob pick this up at some point - who am i to resist a new title?

pps as a general note - if i miss GOOD shite in my weekly spend/review sprees - def comment and let me know - i'm always in the hunt for new titles (monthlies or trades). thanks.


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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Great commentary over at silverbulletcomics.com about collecting comics (or not)...

I was just reading a great new "the panel" article over at silverbulletcomics.com that struck home for me. Since i've gotten back into reading comics, i've been wondering what i should DO with them once i'm done. I've only been back into it for 3 months and i already have piles and piles of monthlies and trades that my wife is complaining about. Do people still bag, board, and box their monthlies and stow them away in closets or under the bed hoping to read them again or sell them? Back when i was reading/collecting when i was a kid, there wasn't the TPB bonanza there is today - so there weren't a whole lot of options - as a matter of fact i still have several boxes of old bagged and boarded comics in my parents basement (i really need to go through those someday). I think the way to go for me these days (especially after reading the commentary in this article and getting to thinking about it) is to get all my top stuff in trades so i can re-read them over and over and just stow them on the bookshelf. easy to lend out too w/o worrying about your brother or top boy beating it up in the bottom of his wacked out 1988 SUV.

Anyways - to each his own... i LOVE reading comics but i'm not really much of a collector of things (i pretty much sell everything on ebay once i'm completely done with it - which brings up a good question - is there a good market for old or semi-old comics on ebay??). i def want to keep hold of most of my good trades though - i have a habit of reading these over and over - and i'm sure there will be monthlies i won't be able to part with (i def have some already) as time goes on.

Def do yourself a favor and read through the commentary in this article - there are some interesting opinions - even if it feels like 90% of them are basically saying collecting is for the birds - i guess these days its all about the reading and re-reading (and what's wrong with that?).


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Online comics?

I stumbled across dark horse's new "eComic" for War of the Worlds and it got me thinking... is this a good thing? I mean i enjoyed it even though it was kind of weird flipping through a comic on my laptop rather than in my actual lap. It would be REALLY cool i think to be able to read back issues etc. online - imagine an online shop (or subscription service) where you could access a huge database of comics/trades for viewing online, or download as PDFs? now that would be cool for immediately catching up on the issue/arc you missed.

That said though, I'm not sure i'll ever be able to get over wanting to physically hold the book and feel the paper - check out the art as printed not digitally displayed. reminds me of this experiement i held last year where i bought all my books as ebooks for a few months. it was ok (def nice to be able to easily take my collection w/ me) but never really won me over - even as a part timer (some "e" and some not "e"). i'm basically back to 100% paper.

What does everyone else think?


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The Walking Dead Vol.2 "Miles Behind Us"

Ok let me start by saying i don't typically like zombie stories, movies, or the premise of a "zombie" monster in general. But there have been 2 exceptions: the flick 28 Days and the Kirkman comic The Walking Dead. 28 Days is a gritty, compelling, and much more "realistic" approach to the age-old zombie story than the pure comedy you're used to seeing. Seems like 99% of zombie movies turn out to be comedies (even though that's not the intent of the script or the director if you know what i mean). When you watch 28 days you get a feeling of "man this could really happen, and if it did, it might be kind of like this" at least for the 2 hours it takes to watch it.

When i picked up the first trade in The Walking Dead series, i was thinking to myself "this is pretty much exactly like 28 days", with the guy waking up from a coma in the hospital to find that the world has gone to shit - zombies everywhere, traditional information outlets non-existent, few "living" people struggling to survive in small bands. and you know what? since i am a fan of 28 days that isn't a bad thing at all... and with an ongoing series, we can go into a much greater depth than the movie - really get into it - so i read, and read, and read. As a matter of fact i haven't been able to STOP reading this title.

I read the first volume 3 times, then moved onto the second (which i just finished reading twice last night). Kirkman has done an amazing job of putting you right in there w/ rick, tyreese, dale, lori, and the rest of the "add one member, lose 2 more" gang. He's done an awesome job w/ the interpersonal relationships - really exploring what people might go through if something like this were to happen - how they'd feel about themselves, and how they'd act towards each other. The entire triangle between Rick, Lori, and his best friend is classic writing. Especially how it ends (in Vol. 1). People die. Major characters. Shit happens. So much so that when Rick's son got shot (in Vol. 2) i really thought he was dead (oops: spoiler alert).

The hillbilly father (forget his name) was a GREAT character, really gave us a different perspective. He tried to hoard zombie's his family found (some were his family!) in the barn in hopes they would recover. He wanted rick and company to move along and stop eating his food, etc. - i have a feeling a lot of people would be like this guy if this were to ever really happen. It kind of surprised me that he wasn't prejudiced though for some reason - Kirkman could have added that twist in there (especially since his daughter was found sleeping with bennie). I have a feeling people's "cover-up" personalities and good graces would go out the window in an anarchy like this - true prejudices would be on display. As a matter of fact - ALL the characters in this title are good, and for the most part well developed. Only gripe i have is that some of them seem to pair off and fall in love rather easily (like in a day) but hey - maybe a zombie infestation/invasion would stoke those types of emotions - who am i to say??

As a final note, i can tell you that i'm not a huge fan of B&W comics - but in this case it works perfectly (more than perfectly). i wouldn't mind seeing an issue or 2 in color (just to see what it would feel like) but B&W really does this title a service, adding to the overall gritty, hardcore feel.

At the end of a day this is an A++ title and one of my favorite reads at the moment. Here's to hoping Kirkman can keep this one going (and fresh) for a long, long time. And where the hell is the postman w/ my vol 3 trade???


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The hilarious online journal of an American teacher in Japan

i know this has absolutely nothing to do with comics, but it sure as hell has a lot to do with laughing. got this link from a thread over at CBR and it's worth every moment you spend to read it - i promise you will laugh your ass off! it's an online journal of an american teacher in japan... i don't even want to try to explain why it's funny - just do yourself a huge favor and read it. http://outpostnine.com/editorials/teacher.html. Then head on over and post your thoughts to the CBR thread. :)

and you know what, as long as we're in the midst of a post about funny shite, do yourself a second favor and take a look at this video clip of triumph the dog (from conan o'brien) interviewing jacko's dedicated (!!) fans camped outside the courthouse during his trial... triumph interviewing jacko supporters (clowning them actually)..


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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Comic related podcasting?

in typical geek fashion, i'm an early adopter of just about everything technology and podcasts are no exception... generally podcasts are horrible but there are a few gems out there (very few). i went on a hunt for comic related podcasts and found a few definitely worth listening too - starting w/ CBR's "Pipeline" (they also have a link to another one covering off the wall news stories called the "Various and Sundry Podcast". funny stuff. not having a whole lot of other luck (wow is there some uber-weirdness in the world of podcasting) but i'll keep looking (well er... listening i guess is the more appropriate word to use in this case).

a useful place to start is a nifty website called (appropriately) The Comics Podcsts Network.


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Just re-read Powers #11

Man i could read this 10 times over (and just might). this issue really is a great piece of work, from the story telling to the art. this business w/ deena unleashing her powers on her ex-boyfriend is very, very cool, especially how bendis handles the pages following - you can just feel everything she's going through. i love how she calmly disposes of the body, and doesn't break down until sitting in the diner later (running out back to hurl in a dumpster). then there's the moments on the phone w/ dude's sister... i cannot wait to see where this story goes in the next few issues... i still have no idea how deena even GOT these powers (or what they are exactly), i'm only through TPB #4 (started reading the old trades and current monthlies simultaneously a couple of months ago). she obviously has some serious power over electricity, and seemed to take a knife in the back like a real champ (they didn't even address that after it happened really so must not have phased the girl too much!). And how will christian take it when he finds out? some great language/writing coming up from bendis i can just feel it...

if you read Powers this is a must not miss, if you don't, i almost want to encourage you to run out and buy this issue and jump on the bandwagon starting now.


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Devil's Due's Aftermath universe titles on hold until 2006?

i read in a thread over at CBR that all these aftermath universe books from devil's due that i JUST found out about today and started getting hype about are all on "hold" until 2006 (even TPBs compiling issues that have already been released as monthlies). they say it's only temporary but you have to wonder if we'll ever see these titles again... man that's weak. wonder what happened?


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Devil's Due's Defex

Just when i thought i had enough books about young people and their new powers (read my one sentence review about gravity #1 i a previous post) this one grabbed me. I was hunting around devil's due's website and found the entire first issue of defex (of the aftermath universe) and after reading that i can definitely say i'm hooked... now i just need to decide whether or not to wait for the trade (due out 6.28) or grab #2 at my LCS. Since the trade is due out next week i'll prob wait - but w/ some serious anticipation.

The story is basically about 5 college age miscreants (well at least most of them seem to be miscreants) who are teamed up by a professor for a science project. Their project, while brilliant, gets snubbed and they aren't allowed to proceed w/ actually implementing a planned experiment, but of course decide to anyways after a night of getting pounded (drunk) at a bar. They wake up after mysteriously passing out (were they just blacked out from binging or did something more sinister happen to blast them unconscious?), and each begins to undergo a strange transformation - giving us a hint as to the powers of each. The characters all seem unique in look and personality, and the writer does a good job of giving you just enough an introduction of each to get you hooked (i especially like how he starts in the future, then slides back into a flashback - love that kind of stuff)... and in closing i must say the art is fantastic in my opinion - this is just the style of pencils/coloring i appreciate. DEF check out this first issue (it's free for God sake!) online and let me know what you think...

i REALLY think i'm going to have to check out the other titles in the aftermath universe over at devil's due... "infantry" (TPB 9.28), "blade of kumori" (TPB 8.28), and "breakdown" (TPB 7.28) all seem interesting... and there's even a TPB called "aftermath dossiers" that's due out 6.28 and supposedly will break down the aftermath universe and it's major players... way cool so far. post comments and let me know what you all think...


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Brodie's Law

I read a review of this today over at silverbulletcomics.com and wanted to get it some publicity (as if anyone actually READS my blog). This book looks really good in my opinion (there are some beautiful preview pages in the review) and i hadn't heard a word about it before now. Supposedly the trade comes out in Sept. so i'm def adding it to my wish list... they have a pretty well done dedicated website too.


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Monday, June 20, 2005

A Favorite Artist: Humberto Ramos

I know i won't get a lot of supporters on this (or maybe i will?) but Humberto Ramos is my absolute favorite artist these days (and i love him in combination w/ Jenkins writing). I've tried to collect as much of his work as i can, and can't wait for the upcoming "Revelations" mini (Ramos and Jenkins are teaming up again after the demise of Spectaculary Spider-Man). Anyone who's a fan should def pick up "Spectacular Spider-Man: The Hunger", "Spectacular Spider-Man: Countdown", and "Peter Parker Spider-Man: Return of the Green Goblin" in trades. All 3 are great stories (with great pencils/coloring) IMO.

I wonder what else Ramos is working on outside of/in addition to the new Revelations mini (PS the revelations preview pages look awesome... check them out.

I've googled "Humberto Ramos" and you don't get a whole lot really worth anything... wonder if this dude has a website i don't know about?


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ok time to get organized...

ok i've been back collecting for about 3 months now and my stack (of comics and trades) is getting pretty tall. I need to figure out a way to properly care for, store, and organize all this before my wife kills me (currently they are all over the house in chaotically organized piles)... I picked up some bags and boards on the way home today and figured i'd bag all the issues i care about... then i realized i def will need a box to put them in, and preferrably some snazzy dividers. trades are nice because i can just slide those onto the bookshelf... i wonder if people generally bag all their comics or only the ones they enjoyed? what decides for people whether to buy the monthlies or wait for the trades? is there any chance these comics i'm collecting today will ever actually be worth anything? i guess w/ ebay we're in a lot better shape than we used to be when i was a kid... back then you had to find an LCS that wanted your old books in order to sell them - and that always seemed a difficult task - i know the 2 LCS's around me now have very little in the terms of back issues laying around...


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Sunday, June 19, 2005


in case you guys (and gals) don't know about it already i stumbled across a new-er online shop for trade paperbacks called "in stock trades" (appropriately at www.instocktrades.com). They have the absolute best prices i've seen anywhere (better than amazon, mile high comics, vision comix, and TFAW on about every book i tested with). it's pretty much 35% off cover price across the board and free shipping on all orders over 50 beans (flat $4 for all orders under). They have most everything i looked for between Marvel, DC, and Image, and have Dark Horse "coming soon" (no idea when, i guess i should write them an ask because that will really round this shop out).


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Reading comics in the sun on the deck...

Ok - my cousin and his wife were in town this weekend, and lucky for me he's one of the only other comic book readers i know (at least of my immediate friends and family). While our wives were sunbathing on our lower deck - he and i ran out to the store and got a few books to read w/ some lemonade while keeping them company...

POWERS TPB #4 "SUPERGROUP" - My journey to catch up on Powers by the trades while also following the new issues is well under way. I really can't get enough of Bendis' writing on this title (or Oeming's art for that matter). The gritty "real" flavor of their work together just grabs me. This arc in particular is a great one (best of the Powers stories i've read so far and that's definitely saying something). I want to lay out some details about the story here (and how much i enjoyed it) but would hate to ruin it for anyone who hasn't read it - hard to say too much w/o spoiling some very cool twists. Let's just say we get to read some very cool stuff about the gov't funding superhero teams, Deena's unconscious feelings for her partner, a major announcement for Walker's love life (not what you think), and the selfless death of a pretty major character. I can't wait to read the 5th trade (gonna have to grab that this week methinks).

CABLE AND DEADPOOL #16 - I couldn't tell you exactly WHY i like this title so much but i've really been enjoying it (even though i've only been following it 3 issues). The art is good and the story is out-there but grabbing me none-the-less. Cameo's by Cannonball and Siryn (saving Cable's ass more than once), a few humerous alternate realities, and a very cool scene where a "techno-organic" tries to make it's way into Deadpool's screwed up mind make this one worth the 3 beans i spent. Deadpool is an interesting cat for sure - and i'm starting to catch on a bit to what's going on (still pretty lost though over all). Makes me think i really need to go back and see if there are any C&D trades i can grab to get some background... I'll be adding this to my pull list for the time being though. Next issue (#17) should definitely be a good one w/ Mr. Sinister dropping in.

WOLVERINE SOULTAKER #1 - Wolverine used to be one of my favorite characters and for some reason i'd been reluctant to jump back on his bandwagon - but after reading wolvering #29, and then this title (Soultaker #1) i'm not sure why. I really like where Yoshida is headed with the story after this first issue. I'm somewhat obsessed with japanese history (especially feudal japan - samurai, etc.) so the fact that this story takes place in tokyo is a big plus for me (kind of makes me wish this was an ongoing title and not just a mini). Nagasawa's art is a bit "manga-ish" for me at times, and i can definitely spot why people over at CBR have complained about his disproportionate bodies (all the male characters, including wolvie, look short, stocky, and fat at times). Those complaints aside though, and i really think this will be a good run... but i still may wait for the trade in august (added it to my mailordercomics.com june preview order).

I had a few titles on my list to "check out in person" before i grabbed and most of those went back on the shelf for one reason or another. "Gravity" #1 just didn't do it for me after flipping through it (someday i may give this one a chance though - i think i've just got enough "kid w/ new powers" books right now w/ invincible, ultimate spidey, etc.). Livewires sounded good when i read about it online (and at CBR) but the art was way too manga-ish (there's that made up word again) for me. I also looked at the trade for WE3 and put it back, but i have a feeling i'll be grabbing this one someday - the idea behind it (ex-pets w/ cyborg bodies) is just cool :)


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Thursday, June 16, 2005

weekly spending spree 6/15

ok here's what i bought this week and some short thoughts (i may get more into each title as the week drones on in subsequent posts):

POWERS #11 - man i love this title. benndis is a pure beast and his work really shines in Powers. one of the first books that caught my eye when i got back to reading comics was "who killed retro girl" and i've been pretty much a huge fan every since. i've read the first 3 volumes, and then started again w/ the monthlies w/ this very issue #11, so i'm definitely a bit lost... who's this retro girl imposter flying around with them?

YOSAGI YOHIMBO #84 - stan sakai is a genius but we all know that. the samurai rabit used to entertain me in my FIRST go round w/ this comic addiction and it's still entertaining me now.

X-MEN HELLIONS #1 - The jury's still out on this one. I like the art, and rockslide and mercury are cool characters for sure... it's kind of hokey to have dust wearing her burka all the time (nothing against muslims for sure but kind of feels like an attempt to deliberatly reach out to a certain audience and/or be uber PC). Jason (Hellion) is kind of annoying so far with his over-written attitude but i have a feeling their just trying to set up his character. Not sure how Tag and Wither will fit in - Tag's powers are pretty... ok... stupid, and it will be interesting to see what kind of role wither really plays besides brooding. All that aside though i actually DID enjoy this first issue and will definitely hang on for #2.

WOLVERINE #29 - This is the first Wolverine title i've read in years and it rocked. I'm kind of lost picking it up in the middle of an arc but the issue by itself was def action packed and classic wolverine. nice issue to start on to get my action fix.

SHAOLIN COWBOY #1 and #2 - Bad ass. Geofrey Darrow and Peter Doherty do an awesome job w/ the art and colors in this title. You can spend 10 minutes exploring every detail on a page, especially when there's a ton of characters standing around (mobs). The story is definitely quirky but refreshing at the same time. Gotta love the killer king crab that learned ju-jitsu (or is that japanese) from a shaman (or is that native american). ha!!! and the x-men reference at the end of #2 had me grinning for sure. I know it sounds odd but i really like the stock they use over at burlyman, kind of rough and thick. I'm definitely picking this up from now on... despite it being $3.50. comics are f-ing expensive these days!!! I heard a rumor #3 was slated for release on 6/22.

SAMURAI HEAVEN AND EARTH #1, #2, and #3 - This title is a HUGE winner. I can't wait to get the TPB when (if?) it comes out. The art in this book is gorgeous - some of the best i've seen in any of the comics i've picked up since my return. They do an awesome job penciling the fighting/action IMO. The story has a bit of a "been there done that" feel but i think Ron Marz and Luke Ross have done a good job with it regardless. Besides, this story - done or not - always pleases (me at least).

G.I. JOE AMERICA'S ELITE #1 - Had high hopes for this one after reading a couple previews (and seeing some preview art) over at newsarama, but was sorely dissapointed. I think it may just be me though - G.I. Joe used to be one of my favorites (which is why i picked this up) but just doesn't do it for me anymore. Everything about it just seems hokey, from the characters (doesn't shipwreck seem like the kind of dude who should only be around when they're on a boat or something?), to the way they talk, etc. but hey for 25c who am i to complain? i don't think i'll be adding this to my mailordercomics previews though that's for sure...

INVINCIBLE TPB VOL. 1 - Now here's a title i totally didn't expect to like at all but have turned out to enjoy pretty hard core. I'm definitely picking up vol. 2 (TPB) when i get the chance (as in next week). To be honest super hero books have kind of turned me off lately and this title has been a refreshing break from the typical marvel/DC universe based mag. I'm still not completely sold on Invincible's costume (something about the bug-eye glasses irritates me) but the writing is pretty top notch so far. I initially read about this title over at CBR and so i kind of know what's going to happen w/ Invincible's dad - but even that hasn't ruined it for me. Good read.


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Opening bit...

ok - i guess it all starts here. there are a ton of comic blogs out there but (IMO) they're all over the damn place in terms of content, books they review, etc. i've been looking and looking for a blog i'd like to read on a regular basis but that's turned out to be much like the search for the golden goose... so i decided to give it a whirl and start my own. not sure if another living soul will ever read this but who knows right?


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I'm recently back reading after a 15 year comics hiatus.

Zilla is not my real name.

I'm from Tejas living in VA. I'm married w/ 2 dogs. I'm an IT security consultant cranking the wheel for a big consulting firm in "real" life.

I watch the History Channel, Nat'l Geo, TLC, Mil Channel, ESPN and NFL Network, CourtTV (forensic files, etc.) and the Cartoon Network (love Genndy T's Samurai Jack and Clone Wars Adventures). My taste in movies: Gladiator, Last Samurai, Braveheart, Godfather, Tarantino (whatever), Kung-Fu (whatever), Westerns, Top Gun, Big Lebowski.

I love the outdoors and bs'ing around w/ my dogs.

In addition to being a comics junkie, i'm also a sports junkie especially when it comes to the Texas Longhorns and the Dallas Cowboys.

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