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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

2.1 Shopping List

Ugh. Once again my damn job is getting in the way of my comics addiction. Won't be making book day tomorrow at the 'ole LCS, but will clean my box on thursday (i hate that!).

A new Hellboy is always welcome in my camp, esp when accompanied by a new Powers (i'm kind of hot on this title considering i'm in the middle of the Vol.1 HC at the moment).

Exterminators came out of nowhere for me (thanks Ryan) and Sentry and X-Factor are (somewhat) hidden Marvel gems IMO. DMZ #4 and a new Invincible next week...

HELLBOY MAKOMA #1 (OF 2) - Hellboy? I'm in. Hadn't heard about this before i saw it on the Diamond ship list this week... Is this a new story (a la the Island)?

BATMAN AND THE MONSTER MEN #4 (OF 6) - I've actually enjoyed this mini so far... I may (may) drop it here though and wait for the trade. Guess we'll see how i feel tomorrow ;)
EXTERMINATORS #2 (MR) - I had a good time w/ #1 and i'm pretty hype for the second issue... this is a unique book if nothing else that's for sure. and Tony Moore? $$.
TEAM ZERO #3 (OF 6) - #2 didn't feel as "right" to me as #1. Hopefully #3 will swing things back the right direction for me... i really WANT to like this.


MARVEL TEAM-UP #17 - This is one of those "McDonald's" reads. Fast-food comics that don't get me thinking too hard but are still enjoyable.
POWERS #16 (MR) - Pull list.
PUNISHER #30 (MR) - Pull list.
SENTRY #5 (OF 8) - A hidden gem from Marvel so far.
X-FACTOR #3 - One of my most anticipated "big 2" reads each month. keep it up... please?



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31 January, 2006 21:02, Anonymous CellarDoor said...


I believe Makoma is a one-shot not a two issue mini. And yes it is a new story although it takes place in Hellboy's past, not the present. I think....
I definitely agree with you on Marvel Team-Up, not too many comics out there are this FUN to read.
God, I'm still trying to find time to read BPRD Black Flame #6 and All-Star Superman #2...Stupid responsibilities!

01 February, 2006 17:51, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

Ok I just saw the cover to Hellboy: Makoma and I was wrong, it is a two issue. My bad...

01 February, 2006 19:02, Blogger zilla said...

no bad at all... i enjoyed the heck out of the island so have high hopes for this 2-issue arc. picked it up today so i'll be sure and review it once i get around to reading it... tonight maybe? let me know what you think 'bout it too cellardoor...


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