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Thursday, January 19, 2006

All-Star Superman #2

I didn't even know this was out this week until i actually got TO the LCS yesterday... and i'm damn glad i found it sitting in my box... All-Star Superman is frickin' stellar. Seriously.

I've been pooping on Superhero comics a lot lately (especially those from DC) but man, this is one that i'm really, really enjoying. #1 was justifiably kick-ass, with a great story, well-written character interpretations, and phenomenal art... and you know what? #2 manages to build this title to even greater heights IMO.

Superman is dying from a massive over-exposure to the yellow sun (which also greatly increased his powers and intellect to all-time highs). We know this from #1. In order to come to grips with his impending mortality, Superman is on a somewhat aggressive mission to tie up any loose ends in his life, starting by revealing his secret identity as Clark Kent to his beloved Lois.

Lois has held "Clark is Superman"/"Superman is Clark" suspicions for so long she can barely believe what she's been told. Superman spirits her away to his hidden fortress (which is VERY cool in this telling BTW) to spend her birthday aboard the Titanic (w/ the original menu for dinner to boot!). Cool.

Morrison turns in some great dialogue (and narration) in this issue as Lois tries to come to grips with Superman's revelation (and some misconceptions she's been building sneaking around the fortress), and Superman himself struggles with his impending mortality (sorry to use that again but it's a hell of a phrase to use in conjunction with Superman isn't it?). How will he be able to admit to Lois that he's dying? How will he leave evidence of his legacy? Will future Superman's exist? What will happen next?

The Superman and Lois iterations in this comic are as engaging as any i've ever read (which isn't saying much since i've been out of comics so long - but remember i DID read a ton as a kid). The story is fresh, interesting, and powerful - and gives me a warm-fuzzy. Morrison is at the top of his game here IMO, and Quitely's art is the perfect compliment (i wasn't sure about it after #1 but its really grown on me).

My faith in Superhero comics is every so slightly restored. I think i'll go read #1 and 2 again here after i sign off... A+.

It was all over when...


19 January, 2006 16:41, Blogger Ryan X said...

I had #1 in my hand last week at the store and put it back (not wanting to get sucked into another All-Star farce (think Batman & Wonder Boy). Now I will pick this up tomorrow based on your rave review. Thanks.

19 January, 2006 18:27, Blogger zilla said...

take it from a guy who sleeps as hard as you do (Ryan) on All-Star Batman and Robin (no offense Uncensored) - All-Star Superman isn't anywhere related... This is a VERY good comic IMO. Hope you enjoy it as much as i have/am... It's really hard to put your finger on what exactly about All-Star Superman impresses me so much... it's just... engaging.

19 January, 2006 19:39, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I'm not a huge Superman fan, and I never have been. I'm still not entirely sold on this book, I don't like the artwork much. Frank drew Lois to be extremely attractive in issue one, yet in this issue she looks almost completely different. The "S" diamond on Superman's chest has an usual shape to it, and I just don't really see where the story is going from here. I'll stick it out for a few more issues, though.

I was going to write a review of the issue, but I see you already so...


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