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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ares #1

Well damn - I finally got the Thor crossed w/ Punisher comic i always dreamed of! I'm half-joking (i never imagined such a combination before today i swear) but seriously, Oeming's Ares (#1) is... Interesting (to say the least).

Turns out that Ares history and oft unbridled willingness to do anything required to smote his enemies (he is the God of War after all) has made him quite the unpopular God to much of the rest of Mount Olympus. He's shunned whole-heartedly in peace-time, and only called upon by his father (Zeus) when his strong right arm is needed to lay some vengeance on an enemy or turn the tide of a battle/war in Olympus' favor.

Fed up with treatment as an outcast by his heavenly family and fellows, Ares takes up residence on Midgard (mixing my mythologies i know) under the guise of a simple single-parent construction worker named Aaron (not sure why he picked that name, maybe he's a fan of Moses' brother?). Aaron's son (and we have no idea yet how this "son" came about but he's def of Ares blood) is an excellent student (albeit a bit violent as one might expect), and things seem to be going well...

(Around this part i'm starting to wonder how a man who served as the God of War for eons can just settle into a boring, non-violent lifestyle on earth but let's forgive that for a moment ok?)

We all know this isn't going to last though right? We're collectively waiting for the impetus that will drive Ares back to what he does best (kicking ass) right? Well, let's just say that Oeming digs shallow into a VERY familiar bag of publicly available tricks for this one.

Olympus is in trouble so they send Hermes to call for Ares' aid once again... This time however he's not interested in answering (Aaron Ares no longer cares to be Mt. Olympus' bitch boy). So how can the God's force his hand (as you know they must)? Drum roll please...

They kidnap his son!

And of course Aaron Ares flies into a violent rage at his father's treacherous method of encouraging his cooperation, swearing vengeance at the top of his lungs as he suits up for battle in a manner reminiscent of the original Rambo (seriously, with Guns and all). Queue last page.

Hmmmmm... The story is as refried as refried action stories can get but there's a part of me that loves that "guys family gets kidnapped sending him into a blinding rage" plot line. Ugh. I'm a total sucker. It's going to be interesting to see how (if) Oeming pulls this one out. Ares wielding a shotgun instead of his trusty double-edged battle axe and storming Olympus in his H1 Hummer? We shall see my friends... #2 will make or break this mini for me i can just tell :) Grade: ?.


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