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Monday, January 30, 2006

Desolation Jones Bits From warrenellis.com

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Eleven days left on my own. Finally got some decent writing done last night, so hopefully my brain's back in gear. Planning out the next DESOLATION JONES arc: now I know in advance that it's being serialised bi-monthly (the first few issues were written before I had an artist, on the assumption that it'd be a monthly, and changing the approach halfway in would've made a weird-looking book), I want to alter the way I hit it a bit.

I personally feel JONES is about the journey more than the end -- my favourite bits are the little windows on unusual worlds, rather than the plot pivots -- so, like the first one, I'm lifting the very rough, bony plot structure out of Chandler. Because these are LA detective stories, and Chandler's always the elephant in the room with that sort of thing. You may as well point at it and move on. What I take from Chandler is six lines, more or less -- the most basic spine of the plot, the six beats that get you from A to Z. That and his revelatory stance that detective fiction is social fiction. And then I go off on my own after the story I'm *actually* telling. The first JONES book is about the buying and selling of people, really. The second one is shaping up to be about escape.

I'm thinking about asking people to come up with DESOLATION JONES theme musics that I can run on warrenellis.com as mp3s.


30 January, 2006 12:09, Blogger zilla said...

i friggin' love DJ. this is one of the best comics out there IMO (as weird as it is). too bad we're into bi-monthly...

30 January, 2006 18:13, Blogger Ryan X said...

I could not agree more. I am getting ready to read all the flops again in one go to really get the feel of it. Why is it that we forget so much from month to month? I don't remember that problem as a kid, guess I didn't have so much junk crammed in my brain then...

30 January, 2006 19:46, Anonymous CellarDoor said...

I'm just getting onboard Desolation Jones. I picked up issue one two weeks ago, then this past weekend got 2-5. I've only read #1 so far, but it seemed interesting and I could see it becoming one of my favorites. I can't wait to find some time and find out what happens with this Nazi porn!


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