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Friday, January 13, 2006

DMZ #3

This is a GOOD comic. In some ways a VERY GOOD comic.

DMZ really starts to get down to business in #3 as we witness our new favorite intern-turned-photo journalist Matty's first major encounter w/ the U.S. Military (and first real look at the rubber meeting the road in this conflict).

The U.S. army ground-pounders are stomping through NYC trying to supress the insurgency (after firing a submarine full of rockets into the city from the harbour to soften them up). Matty gets unwittingly caught up with a squad of rangers who initially mistake him for an insurgent (before he waves his press pass) and ends up w/ a roll of gritty front-line photos (and some "it's not what you think" beef w/ his new pal Zee).

Matty anonymously submits these pix back to his parent network (why anon? remember Matt was only an intern when the "real" journalist sent to cover the conflict was blown to bits) and ultimately lands a recurring spot on the nightly news as one of the few journalists covering this intense conflict from the inside out. Cool.

Both the story and art in DMZ kick arse IMO and i've got high hopes for this title as an ongoing. #3 is the best issue so far. Wood is tip-toeing a delicate line here by making the U.S. Military out to be the "bad guys" but it's handled well enough not to offend... and as you read deeper into DMZ, the "good" and "bad" of each side of this conflict is really pretty blurry. Cheers. A.

It was all over when...


13 January, 2006 11:13, Blogger Ryan X said...

I can't read your review here because this is becoming one of my favorite titles and I want to read it "fresh". I can't believe all the homeruns in new titles lately: DMZ, Team Zero, The Exterminators...awesome.


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