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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Exterminators #1

Mr. X was right. Again.

Exterminators is unlike anything else i've read this year, and Tony Moore might just be on even more of a roll than i previously thought (considering Fear Agent is a big fav of mine right now). It's kind of hard to explain exactly what Exterminators is about and make it sound interesting... i mean a bug-be-gone company? A couple of exterminators rolling around blowing gas on roaches, poisoning rats and bagging raccoons? Hmmm... right?

Add to that that i'm notorious for hating bugs - especially roaches. i mean i don't have a squeamish stomach or anything (not even close), but let's just say i didn't even like the original Alien movies because the far-outs looked too much like huge praying mantis for my tastes ;) Maybe it's that roach motel i lived in for a year in college... i actually woke up with roaches crawling all over me once. yeah.

Ugh. But you know what, Oliver has built a solid, interesting, and oft hilarious cast of players here (some of whom were only briefly introduced in this first issue) and once you actually get into it and realize where everything is headed, you can spot some hidden potential in the story (all of a sudden bugs being central to the plot no longer seems to bother me even).

Exterminators looks to be a great title to add to my list of reads (we know how much i LOVE variety in my stack). It appears to be an ongoing too... which is pretty good news typically (i can only imagine it's harder for a creative team to land an ongoing series w/ a bum idea than a mini). Tony Moore's art is fantabulous as usual (that kind of goes w/o saying these days) and i can now see why he decided to set up shop w/ Oliver and put his name on this book. Hopefully he'll stick around (would hate to see him just draw the first arc). A.

PS - Comics really ARE directed more at mature readers these days aren't they? One thing i've noticed since i've been back into comics (coming on a year now) is that a good half (or more) of the good books out there are rated R (exterminators is solidly in this camp). seems to say something pretty profound about the evolution of the comics industry (and the comics reader) doesn't it? not a bad thing IMO, just an observation...


13 January, 2006 11:10, Blogger Ryan X said...

Glad you enjoyed The Exterminators as much as I did. It is this kind of comic that keeps me going to the LCS. Sorry to say (especially to Uncensored), I just can't get into the superhero thing anymore. Maybe that is some sort of comic-heresy, but it is what it is.

13 January, 2006 11:27, Blogger zilla said...

i'm with you man... i haven't given up completely but i recently removed Ultimate X-Men, Wolverine, and Hulk from my pull list... leaving me w/ only a couple superhero mags (Astonishing X-Men which seems to come out once a year, NA, and X-Factor come to mind and NA is close to getting dropped too).


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