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Friday, January 20, 2006

Sensational Spider-Man?

Hmmmmm... MK Spidey is getting an overhaul (but not quite a reboot to #1) starting w/ issue #23. Renamed Sensational Spider-Man (meh) and assigned a spankin' new creative team (including Angel Medina of Spawn draw-rings fame), we're being promised a darker, grittier spidey story and closer tie-in's to Amazing and FNSM (for what that's worth).

I grew up with Spidey and haven't found a title worth reading since Jenkins and Ramos left Spectacular (and Spectacular itself exited stage left). Pretty sad since there are three Spidey books on the stands right now isn't it? Ugh.

Anyways - I'm sure i'll give at least an issue or 2 of "Sensational" a whirl in hopes that Aguirre-Sacasa and Medina give us something fresh (in any way)... Is it too much to ask of Marvel for some GOOD Spidey, Hulk, and/or Thor?? I mean come on guys these are staples!

--- LINK TO NEWSARAMA ARTICLE (w/ tons of preview pages) ---

PS - Can anyone out there fill me in briefly on what's been happening w/ Spider-Man in this big "Other" crossover? I started w/ it but bailed... Thx.


20 January, 2006 10:12, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

In "The Other", Spidey fought Morlun and apparently died, but then shed his skin and came back to life, with enhanced/new powers: his Spidey sense has been hightened, and he now has 'stingers' that shoot out of his wrists.

Some of the character bits have been good--esp. those written by Peter David--but the main plot has been pretty much meh. I'm looking forward to David & Mike Wieringo being able to settle down on their own in FNSM.

20 January, 2006 11:57, Blogger zilla said...

thanks huge dave... so wait a minute - spider-man can shoot stingers now? is this via a gadget (like his web-slingers) or biological? wild... have they introduced his new costume yet?

20 January, 2006 16:08, Anonymous Dave Carter said...

No, the stingers don't shoot arrow-like, they sort of pop-out, a la Wolverine, but from the underside of his wrists. And they're biological.

Yeah it's pretty silly.

No new costume yet; I suspect that'll be debuted in the final chapter of "The Other".

(You'll probably find more detailed summaries over on SpoilIt!.)

20 January, 2006 18:03, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I don't like the fact that they're calling it Sensational Spider-Man. I used to read Sensational Spider-Man vol. 1 back when I was a kid (it was penciled by Mike Wieringo and written by Todd DeZago), and it was a really fun, light-hearted title. Giving that title to a book that promises to be dark and gritty rubs me the wrong way.


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