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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy #1 and The Lost Squad #1

I read just about all the Sgt. Rock i could get my hands on as a kid (one of those comics my dad and i liked to read together back in the day) so i've definitely been anticipating Kubert's Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy, and my LCS had The Lost Squad sitting on the shelf next to it (as "recommended if you like...") so what the hell right?

Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy #1 - Hmmmmm. Not exactly what i was hoping for here (yet) but this new Sgt. Rock mini def brings back some GREAT memories regardless. I haven't thought about some of the characters here (in Rock's squad) in many, many years. As some of them came back to me i def got big smiles - alone worth the price of admission (even prompting a call to my little brother to reminisce a bit about Sgt. Rock comics when we were kids).

So far though, the story seems a bit lackluster all said, and some of the dialogue is wanting for sure (but maybe i'm just not appreciating Kubert's writing style as much as i did 15 some-odd years ago?). I'll have to read another issue or two before i can decide how i feel about Kubert's latest mini. B.

It was all over when...

The Lost Squad #1 - Chris Kirby and Alan Robinson (never heard of either of these guys) may have something here... They're promising us action packed, Kubert style WWII tales (w/ some horror elements thrown in for good measure) mixed w/ magic, mysticism, and uber-cool technology? well damn... i'm in (aren't i?).

The setting is WWII (1942) and the Nazi's have been frantically gathering up mystical/magical artifacts to help turn the tide of the war. The Allies, bent on fighting fire with fire and preventing Hitler's boys from gaining an advantage, have put together an artifact hunting team of their own (nicked the "Lost Squad").

We don't know much about the Lost Squad's cast yet (by design according to Kirby) but the foundation is laid for at least a semi-interesting mix of somewhat prototypical Kubert-style characters. Kind of hard to tell some of these guys apart in this first issue (esp in B&W) but Kirby's promises to develop the cast slowly (but surely) helps reassure me that at least this is a known issue w/ the creative team (better than me "hoping" they will address it right?).

Lost Squad definitely has an "indie" feel. I have to keep reminding myself not to take it for more than what it intends to be (a creative, fun, B&W action/horror indie set during WWII)... but when i CAN reel my expectations back in a bit, it turns out that i'm enjoying the ride (through one issue at least). B.

It was all over when...


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