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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Shotgun Reviews: Thing #3, Surrogates #4, Godland #7, NA #15, and Savage Dragon #122

Thing #3 - I'll be honest w/ you - i have NO idea why i like this comic. There's really nothing spectacular here so far; the first arc has been ho-hum (i've never been a big fan of the Arcade or his deadly fun parks) and the cameo's are miserable (besides tony stark i guess). Slott's writing is fairly on point though, and just humerous enough w/o going corny (a recurring problem w/ some writers interpretation of the Thing). The art isn't anything unique really, but solid IMO.

Maybe it's the soft spot i've had for the Thing since i was a kid? Regardless, Slott and Divito have shown me just enough promise here to pull me in - i'm actually looking forward to the next arc (now that this business w/ Arcade seems to be at an end). B.

Godland #7 - Godland is just so much damn fun to read. It's not the story per se (some think the cosmic superhero angle a bit played) but the delivery that makes this title shine. Casey has put together a great cast of characters for his book, including some of the most unique bad guys in any title this year. He has a natural talent for injecting well-placed humor (as opposed to the forced jokes we often get from comic writers); second only to Eric Powell in this department IMO.

Surrogates #4 - If not the best mini of the year, Surrogates is certainly in the top 2 or 3. this is one of those books that will engage your thoughts long after you put it down. a real thinking man's comic. hard to believe this won't eventually become an ongoing title, considering just how much there is to explore in a gritty future where fully customized, remote-controlled cyborgs have become the public interface for each of us. The sketch noir art is awesome (and perfect for the title). I simply cannot wait until this comes out as a TP. when it does, you owe it to yourself to READ THIS.

New Avengers #15 - just when my good feelings about NA were starting to wane, along game #14 (and the spider-woman double-agent business) to rejuvinate me. #15 is an issue entirely built around the New Avengers announcing their reformation to the world, and kind of boring in that respect, but entertaining none-the-less (once you get past the first 2/3). I'm still not feeling Spider-Man as an Avenger (or Wolverine for that matter) but... I'm coping. Cho is a talent, and draws the hell out of Carol Danvers - she might as well be naked (uneccessary? yes but...). B.

Savage Dragon #122 - Believe it or not, this is the first issue of Savage Dragon i've ever read. This guy Larsen may be on to something :) I'm totally lost (as would be expected) but i can't say i wasn't entertained. It's surprising how much SD history (even if it's only recent history) i could infer from just this one issue... Interesting characters too (for sure). I'm putting the first SD trade on my Amazon wish list... Anyone out there got a ringing endorsement (or a steer clear) for me?


31 January, 2006 03:17, Blogger Philos said...

Thanks for your comment on Surrogates. I'm anxious to buy the trade. Hope you keep talking about Surrogates on your blog.

31 January, 2006 09:05, Blogger zilla said...

oh i will philos - surrogates has been one of the best (if not THE best) mini this year IMO. you can really tell all the extra TLC this book gets from it's creative team (w/ the extras included in every issue to really add value to the world, characters, and story you know?).

this is a must-buy trade for me. thakns for commenting.


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