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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Thor: Blood Oath #6 (of 6)

Hmmmm. The last issue in a mini tends to make or break the run doesn't it? To be honest i'm not 100% satisfied w/ the way Oeming wrapped this one up - i mean, don't get me wrong, it's been a fun ride and i'm fairly certain i'll be buying the trade of Thor: Blood Oath to re-read in the future, but the whole bad-guy's-wife-somewhat-comedically-slaps-him-into-shape-in-the-end bit was pretty disappointing. Personally i would have preferred even a run-of-the-mill God's vs. Giants battle if nothing else... but what do i know?

Additionally, i felt like 2 issues of story were crammed into this last book - i'm kind of a samurai nerd (as we know) and was hugely let down by the whole grasscutter section (after anticipation generated by the cliffhanger in #5). Somehow our merry band is able to wrap the sword up in about a page and a half w/ no mental or physical trials what so ever? Wierd.

The subsequent trial in egypt is pretty darn cool though, and Ulik's appearance (being one of my favorite Thor baddies) lifted my spirits just in time for the corny ending w/ the Giant's wife reaming him about her housework while he plays at war. Oeming pulls it out in the last page or two though (just barely) with a more digestable ending bit stepped in cool mythology (how Odin created all the worlds from a Giants body and blood so for a time at least there can be peace in that memory).

Thor: Blood Oath has been a pretty darn good mini all-in-all, proving once again Oeming's knack for writing mythology-based comics. Looking forward to Marvel's "Ares" later this month. B (B+ overall).

It was all over when...


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