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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ultimate Avengers DVD?

Interested in the Ultimates and/or comic-based cartoons? Def check out the trailer for the new Ultimate Avengers DVD coming out Feb. 21.

I'm in. Doubt we'll get much of the political intrigue and/or overall gritty feel of Milar's Ultimates (can't see them putting in the Pym's domestic violence issues or Cap America's subsequent ass-whupping of Hank), but this DVD looks pretty money to me regardless...


21 January, 2006 15:36, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Known about this for months, saw the trailer about a month ago.

21 January, 2006 15:39, Blogger zilla said...

well aren't you just the shiznit?

22 January, 2006 00:24, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Of course.


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