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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Walking Dead #25

Well damn... As rare is it is for me to say i'm disappointed in an issue of TWD, i gotta admit i'm feeling a bit let down by this milestone issue. After all, it was Kirkman who brought us a double-sized (and very good) Invincible #25, packed with some very cool TP-worthy extras (brief histories of some of the comics uber-cool B-level characters). Unfortunately TWD #25 was well... just another issue.

Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing really WRONG with this months TWD (I got my money's worth), it's just that i was expecting a double-sized (even though this was never the plan as far as i know), and any TWD fan knows the anticipation that's been swirling around this issue ever since the cover was released months ago (image below). Rampant speculation about just who these dudes in S.W.A.T gear were and/or what role they were going to play just about choked Walking Dead forums around the net. Turns out all that was a bit unwarranted my friends.

I won't give much more away since it's only thursday (and this book came out yesterday)... but let's leave it saying i'm putting #25 behind me and looking ahead to #26 (RK at least gave us a nice cliff-hangie). C+.

PS - I was reading the letter columns (which are always good and lengthy in TWD BTW) and realized that i'm not the only fan who thinks this title has been coasting for a few issues (and these letters were from back around #22 keep in mind). It's been a long while now since the Zombies (once central to the story) had much of anything to do with anything.

I'm not going to complain (too much) though, since i HAVE enjoyed the run since our merry band holed up in the prison (even the action-less drama), but i'm definitely ready for some Zombie action and/or the introduction of a new character or 3. Hook it up Kirkzilla.


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