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Monday, January 16, 2006

What To Do With "Read" Floppies?

I know i've asked this before but it's about 6 months later and i'm still wondering what to do with these huge stacks of read (and sometimes re-read) floppies i have gathering dust in my crib? My wife is all over me to make a decision but i honestly have no idea what to do...

I usually pitch into the fireplass or the wastebasket (rather immediately) any monthlies that i read and don't like, but can't typically bear to toss the ones i do... so they make their way into one growing pile or another around the house... is there ANY value in saving them (boxing, bagging, boarding??)? Resale?

I typically buy stuff i desperately want to re-read in TP format so it's pretty rare i re-read my floppies (unless it's within a week or two of purchase)...

what do you guys do?


16 January, 2006 16:23, Blogger Christopher Green said...

I don't throw any comics away. I keep them nice and neatly, bagged & boarded, on a bookshelf, with my trades at the end of them.

16 January, 2006 18:02, Blogger James Meeley said...

Dude, I'd NEVER throw a comic away! Not even if it was the worst story I ever read.

You could try resale, either by dumping it at a comic shop or using online sites like eBay. eBay might actually net you more money, but then you have to deal with shipping stuff out and things of that nature. You probably won't get as much at a comic shop, but once you dump it off it's there problem now. Of course, your stuff might not be old enough and they wouldn't buy it at all (which is another possibility).

If all else fails, I'd say donate them to charity. Give them to the Goodwill, your local library or something. Granted, you get no money, but prehaps someone will develop an interest in comics when they buy it or check it out. You'll be helping to foster comics acceptance, both as an artform and entertainment source, as well as possibily helping to grow the readership.

In the end, it really up to you. Personally, I'd go with donating them (especially the ones you don't like). That's a much better and more worthwhile fate, than trashing them.

16 January, 2006 18:57, Blogger zilla said...

you know what james that's a great idea (that somehow hadn't really occured to me)... i think i'll start boxing my old flops up for donation (at least the ones i don't want). as for the ones i DO like, maybe i'll bag and board those until i can figure something else out :)

16 January, 2006 21:05, Blogger Jason said...

I give mine away to whoever wants them. I just got rid of two long boxes yesterday. I get so many free comics at cons, especially, that I just can't hold onto them all.

16 January, 2006 22:31, Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

I've got the same storage problem happening. eBay for full arcs or longer runs of Big Two stuff that I notice being sold by others and receiving multiple bids. Everything else I'm not actively collecting (or still waiting to catch up on) will be donated to Operation Comix Relief.

17 January, 2006 20:55, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Zilla... You mean... You don't automatically bag'n'board your comics...?



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