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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Yellow belt karate grading.

Not related to comics in any way, but since Zilla asked, I figure I might as well just post my report on the whole thing.

Yellow belt grading.
I barely got any sleep last night, so this morning I combined had a multivitamin, energy drink (with 115 mg of caffine in it!) and nutrigrain bar, so I could get through it. Unfortunately, I was only one of two adults grading, and the rest were chuildren, with a few teenagers as well, so I knew this could be annoying. I got there about 40 minutes early to prepare, after I was done stretching and such, I decided to hit the Makiwara (a machine that calculates the amount of kinetic energy you're dishing out with each hit) and I was getting in the 900 (!) range, when my previous high number was like 650.

I got paired up for self-defense with this kid who was probably about 14, who had no fucking clue what he was doing. He came at me with all the wrong attacks, and his blocks for my attacks were pitiful. I thought I had made a mistake during this, instead of a counter to the face I countered to the solarplexus, but I found out afterwards that it doesn't really matter.

Next up a while later was doing katas, I named Taikyoku Gedan (moving in shiko-dachi a.k.a. the "sumo stance" doing a three point block and low punches) as my favourite kata, and when I began doing it, I slipped (not severely, just made a turn look a bit sloppy), so that annoyed me. After that, I was instructed to do Taikyoku Jodan (moving in sanchin-dachi a.k.a. the "hourglass stance", doing upper blocks and high punches), which surprisingly, I did very well (surpising since, it was the kata I practised the least), and was complimented by the judge.

Later on, was Bunkai (which is, kata movements, blocks and attacks done against an attacking opponent), and I got paired with the same moron from self-defense, and rather than listen to what I told him to do (as your opponent is supposed to follow your instructions to the letter in Bunkai), he did his own thing, which caught me off guard, so my bunkai ended up being rather sloppy looking and I forgot to kiyai on top of that. I was even more annoyed after this and feeling like I was going to fail.

For the finale, we did ippon-kumitei [sp?] (one-step sparring), and all along I kept hoping I'd get paired up with this red belt chick (whom I've sparred with plenty of times and we have good sparring chemistry), and it was looking like I would... But then I get paired up with this red belt kid, who looked about 12 years old, about 5'nothing, and probably at most, 120 lbs. We did ippon, and rather well (I'm rather good at it, and he seemed to be as well). Then it was onto free-sparring, and him and I sparred for a little bit, considering our age and size difference, he got a total of one shot on me, and the sparring match ended when I accidentally punched him in the face. (image placeholder)I felt terrible afterwards and thought for sure that I failed, but then, Sensei comes up to me and tells me that I did great, one of the Sempai's also told me I did very well.

At the end of it all, as I was leaving, I saw the red belt chick in plain-clothes for the first time, and my eyes almost bugged out, as she's fucking smoking hot. She came up to me and told me I was doing great, I complemented her katas (she looked flawless at them), and we chatted for a couple minutes, but it got cut short because my ride wanted to leave.


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