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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

2.1 Panel of The Day

This is normally Zilla's thing, but I thought this scene was just too hillarious not to share. Plus it's just adds more proof to the notion that Mark Millar is a genius.


01 February, 2006 22:02, Blogger zilla said...

zilla thing my ass - i'd LOVE if you posted some panels every once in a while... i love doing them but can't get to them every day... this one is great BTW (i love me some Millar). thanks partner.

01 February, 2006 22:03, Blogger zilla said...

ps that chick is hot.

02 February, 2006 02:29, Blogger Christopher Green said...

It's Johnny & Sue Storm's mom from Ultimate Fantastic Four. You really should check the book out, this month's issue coming up (#27) is the begining of a new arc, so it's perfect to jump on!

02 February, 2006 07:52, Blogger zilla said...

I'll def check it out (#27). i can't remember why i ditched it now so the bad taste is gone... who draws it?

02 February, 2006 17:58, Blogger Christopher Green said...

Greg Land.


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