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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

3.1 Shopping List

Huge week... lot's of good stuff.

Work is lightening up again finally (after a brutal week last week) and my wife's birthday is behind us so i'm planning on getting back to comics w/ some of my now abundant (ha!) free time.

Did however get a chance to read Batman: The Long Halloween and Oeming's Blood River over the weekend (enjoyed and will review both here soon...).

HELLBOY MAKOMA #2 (OF 2) - Grand opening, grand closing. Gotta love 2 issue mini's. I'm HB starved though so i'm not complaining... These stories are better kept short anyways IMO.

EX MACHINA #18 (MR) - Pull list. Feels like a long, long time since the last one of these (even though i don't think it was REALLY that long). Great title tho.
TEAM ZERO #4 (OF 6) - Hanging on...
Y THE LAST MAN #43 (MR) - Pull list (tiring).

BATTLE POPE COLOR #5 (MR) - Pull list.
FEAR AGENT #3 - Finally #3! Don't let this title die plz...
GODLAND #8 - Pull list. Love how this title reminds me of the old Silver Surfer cosmic adventures i enjoyed as a kid...

MARVEL TEAM-UP #18 - Pull list.
NEXT WAVE #2 - I really, really enjoyed the first issue of Next Wave. Been anxious for #2.
PUNISHER #31 (MR) - Pull list. New arc.
ULTIMATES 2 #10 - Pull list. Wish these came out more often... My favorite team book (by far) since i've been back into comics.
X-FACTOR #4 - One of my favorite new Marvel books of the year...



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28 February, 2006 14:38, Blogger Ryan X said...

Z, psyched for your review of The Long Halloween, I have considered picking that up a number of times in the last few weeks. FEAR AGENT makes this week a great week, love it. Oh, and I am back on the Godland bandwagon after reading the TP in one sitting, really digging it big time. Late.
p.s. Hope your wife doesn't read this: "...wife's birthday is behind us" :)


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