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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ares #2

Ok see here's exactly why i have a 2 issue rule. Ares #1 was a whole lot of "meh" for me but #2 picked this title up by its bootstraps and handily changed my opinion. Oeming's strength really shines through in all the mythological elements of Ares, and to be honest he could have gone a lot lighter on the "earth" influences (guns, etc.) and not lost much overall. This guy has a real talent for mythology (greek, norse, or roman it seems) and i can only hope he continues to pen books in this vein (Hammer of the Gods, Thor: Blood Oath, and Stormbreaker (Beta Ray Bill) all kick ass IMO).

So what's happening? The Gods are on the verge of being wiped out by a mysterious horde, and turn to Ares (the God of war) for aid. Unfortunately, Ares is pretty bitter at all the snubbing he's gotten over the years from his "better than thou" family (who thought him too violent and uncontrollable to welcome) and refuses to cooperate. And so what is the time-tested method for forcing cooperation upon the reluctant? Kidnap a father, mother, son, sister, cousin, or valued friend and force compliance with blackmail of course!

Ares son is taken from earth, and he flies into a rage (as only the God of war truly can), setting off to Mt. Olympus to whup some familial ass (he even punches Zeus in the face in this issue and that has GOT to be a comic first). Unfortunately for Ares, his family no longer has custody of his son (who has been conveniently kidnapped from the kidnappers by none other than the evil hordes that threaten Olympus).

Ares teams w/ Achilles (who has taken one hell of a nasty wound to the head during battles w/ the horde) and sets off to find his son, and reluctantly help his back-stabbing family as an added bonus. The horde has other ideas though - starting w/ the brainwashing of Ares' son (w/ the help of some magic coolaid) into taking killing his father and taking his place as heir to the God of war title? Interesting... B.

It was all over when...


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